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Be more cat.

I feel lethargic and tired. I need a nap. Oh, wait, I'm a cat. I can take a nap! Humans, you should be more cat-like then you would be so stressed and hairless.1.png

Be more cat. And nap. They know what they are doing. Nap when they need to and, clearly, they have no guilt about resting.

They play when they want to play, and never feel guilty about having leisure time.

Although, very much like us they are very stoic when in pain and you can never tell that they are. But they are better at self-care than we are, man. They got it Down.

And when they give me snuggles I know they make me feel a whole lot better. They are magic that way. Snugglebuts.


I shall be more cat and nap when I need to, I think. And drop the guilt.

We are stronger on the inside than we think..png


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