“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. ”

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I have been trying out the PillDrill for a bit now and I have to say I wanted to review it right of the get-go because it is pretty awesome. But I thought, give it time and see how it works for me over time to see if there are long-term benefits. Because I must say I was very impressed quite quickly.

So let me start by going over the basics of the system. In the picture above you see a pill box with days of the week. It comes with four rows for times of the day you take medication; I use three of the rows currently. The system alarms when it is time to take your dose and your take out that day’s little capsule and scan it. Done. It has tracked that you have taken your dose for the day.

2017-03-29 15.08.31-2

In this shot, I am taking an ‘as needed’ medication. In this case my migraine triptan. You can see around the package is wrapped a tag. ‘R’ for Relpax, but I could have chosen any letter. And when I use one of my as needed medications I just scan it into the system. So that it tracks how many times I have in fact used it.

2017-03-29 15.08.42

This is the mood cube. It is used to track your moods.

media-20170329 (1)

This is what it looks like in the app itself. You can see when I am using my ‘as needed’ Zofran and Tramacet on this one.

Setting up/changes

This system had easy to follow instructions on how to set it up. I was done quite quickly. It shows you how to get all the as needed meds done. How to hook it up. How to set the schedule. It is, in fact, easy to change the schedule which I have tried out. I really had no issues with the setup. It is easy to change. You can assign a time schedule to an entire row at a time or a specific pod if there is a day with a different time… I adjusted the weekend morning medication time for example.


  • No more erratically taking my pills. Usually, my spouse was my reminded but sometimes he wouldn’t remind me and then at night I would realize I hadn’t taken Any of my pills All day and would have to take them all at once. Which would impact my morning since some of them I take specifically in the early evening to reduce grogginess. Not to mention some are specifically for morning. But also just right at specific times. I was all over the place with my times. And I wanted to take them within a certain frame. So this has me on a perfect routine.
  • I can tell how many times I have taken my as-needed medications. I can only take my triptan 2X a week. Well damn if you can always remember how many times you have taken it. This tells me exactly when I have taken it. I can also monitor my nausea levels from how many times I take my anti-nausea med. And monitor how many times I take my tramacet which is for top over amounts of pain… definitely can see when that is bad but this too must be carefully monitored because too often could cause rebound headaches with the migraines.
  • No more forgetting if I have taken something. I had a pill sorter so this is the same as that, I know that I have taken something because the spot is gone. Without a pill sorter, I do not have that and have been known to question if I took my meds at all. Man, that has been a problem in the past with sleeping pills. Take it and then forget that I even took it. Take another. The difference being clearly this tells me when to take them and I don’t have to look myself, so takes out any error having to take them all if I forget to look.
  • Peace of mind. I really do not have to worry about if I took my meds or taking them at the right time because it is reminding me to. It provides consistency to the whole system.
  • I like the mood monitoring since I a) have depression and b) have bad sensitivities to medications that can affect my mood regulation. So it is important to monitor my mood. In general, it is important for chronic pain management so I know what I need to do for self-care that day if I am struggling. You can set up a schedule for a mood check, to remind yourself to just pay attention to that for yourself.
  • Caregivers: This one isn’t for me but it is a massive benefit. You can set the whole system up for someone else entirely and have it send notifications to your phone as well. So you know when someone you are caregiving for is taking their medications as scheduled and when they miss a dose. That to me is a very important benefit.
  • The pill pods are portable. So I know I have a dose at 2:30 but I have an appointment at 2:00 in the city? I just take the pod out with me and when the phone reminder comes in I go into the app, click on the notification and mark as complete so it knows I took my dose. This is because the Pilldrill reminds me at home with an alarm but it also reminds me on my phone.

I cannot express how much I value this system for making my life easier. With chronic illness and pain comes a lot of fatigue, mental grogginess, and brainfog. I’m not the best at maintaining a routine with medication. However, we all know it is important we do so. I really love it. The PillDrill is a perfect system for someone like me and also for caregivers.



4 thoughts on “Review: PillDrill

  1. This review on this pill box system is very helpful. My husband and I both take medications 3 times a day for different things, and sometimes we occasionally miss doses, not to mention I often have to remind him to take his meds, as he tends to be more forgetful than I do, which isn’t his fault (too many concussions). Sometimes I double as his caretaker on occasion, and I think this system would greatly benefit both of us, as far as keeping track of medications. Thanks for this wonderful independent review!

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    1. Your welcome! I do love the system myself as I am all too forgetful. But for when you take on a caretaker role it definitely has additional perks when it will notify you when your spouse takes their designated dose.


  2. Thanks for the review. I’ve been wanting to try this. I take about 9 pills in the morning, one with lunch and a little less than a handful at night. I constantly feel like I’m forgetting the lunch one and then double dosing. I take it out and can’t remember if I’m taking it and I hate the pill sorters I’ve used (so many different kinds!). Are the individual pill boxes easy to open?


    1. Your welcome, it was a great review to do because this is the sort of thing I needed in my life for the same reason you mentioned. The individual capsules have a little raised part you press and the lip flips open, so very easy to open up.


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