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Migraineur musing Monday: Plans

Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it..png

You ever notice with chronic migraines plans become tentative inclinations instead of set deals? People invite me to events on Facebook and I am ‘maybe’ because I don’t know what sort of migraine hell I will be in… or if I could have tempered the storm adequately enough to enjoy said event.

Maybe you will see me. Maybe you will not. Yes, I am very aware this is ludicrous for some events and I have to be specific in some cases. But I do love flexibility.

No one wants to Cancel plans. I have, though. Hell, yes, I have. I have every intention of going somewhere and damn well enjoying myself and when it comes down to the minute I am in the midst of the high pain zone or the otherwise can’t leave the bathroom sort of sick migraine symptoms.

So I like it when I Can be flexible and I love it when friends accept that I actually have to be flexible. It does make for some vague social inclinations though.


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