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The Brainless Blogger is returning to work, once I get all that sorted out. I had to get a new vehicle because my brother hit a deer and wrote my off. So that part is taken care off. And I need to get my migraine Botox redone again so that side of things will be done. Then just the work side to get done.

Working with chronic illness and pain is a complicated thing. We have a lot of strategies we use at home to cope with pain and illness that we have to somehow transfer to the workplace to cope with the pain, fatigue, and illness. What I do, is by no means what you may do but it is how I transfer things over with my two primary illnesses fibromyalgia and chronic migraines.

  1. Mental illness- I had my depression due to pain treated, which was necessary. It was compromising my capacity to cope with the pain. So that was a step that was needed. And I am glad it was done. I feel much better for it.
  2. I saw a pain psychologist regularly and learned a bit about acceptance and pain management. And in general some of this issues holding me back from my coping skills.
  3. Exercise- A regular exercise routine is important and I hope to maintain it when working, since it helps with FM.

So what to take to work with me?

  • Mindful meditation- It can be done in an office environment pretty easily. I find it relieves a lot of the stress of the pain I am in fairly quickly.
  • Ice pack- Nothing like an ice pack for a migraine during a break to get some cold treatment when needed on lunch break. It really does help. I do it often at home and I think at lunch it would be a fine idea as well. Combining that with the meditation likely, with ear buds to knock out sound.
  • Magnesium oil- for general pain and for migraines- absorbs the magnesium quickly but bypasses the digestive system for those of us who have digestive complaints with magnesium. As I sure do. But a shot of magnesium helps with migraines. It also helps with muscle pain.
  • Migraine balm- I use Japanese mint oil for a migraine balm. Apply it all the time, as needed and a must have for work.
  • My fatigue herb I take twice a day. Rhodiola. One in the morning. One in the afternoon. My B mix in the morning.
  • It would be nice to have aromatherapy but I doubt that is a plausible request, however, you can buy the ones you wear around your neck.

Then, of course, regular medications to manage intensity and frequency of migraine attacks and FM pain.

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