My Oska Pulse buddy

So I am thinking of bring my OSKA Pulse buddy to work with me. My pain flares at work and I have nothing to do about it but my triptan, on triptan days, or painkillers that are mild. But when I come home and use the Oska Pulse well I tame the pain quite well. … Continue reading My Oska Pulse buddy

Impact of chronic illness

  Think about this quote. The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. So if you are exchanging your life, your energy and your time, you damn well better be willing to spend it on things that matter to you. Make that price worthy. But when I read it I … Continue reading Impact of chronic illness

Could Fibromyalgia have autoimmune demyelinating cases (reprint)

Can something be learned for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) when looking at fibromyalgia? There is some fascinating research going on that is looking at just that connection. MS is believed to be an autoimmune disease where the symptoms are caused by demyelination. Essentially that means destruction of the myelin. Myelin is a specialized cell that covers … Continue reading Could Fibromyalgia have autoimmune demyelinating cases (reprint)