impact of chronic illness


Think about this quote. The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. So if you are exchanging your life, your energy and your time, you damn well better be willing to spend it on things that matter to you. Make that price worthy.

The price of chronic illness

But when I read it I think Impact of chronic illness. I think of lost days from chronic illness and chronic pain. How much life have I exchanged for pain and illness. What price is there for that on my quality of life. This isn’t a cost I wanted to pay. And this is Impact.

What does illness impact on our lives?

  • It impacts social lives: It is hard to get out and socialize when we are feeling fatigued, in pain or otherwise unwell. So we do it far less, which is unhealthy, makes us isolated and can have negative effects on mood.
  • It severely impacts work and income: Some to the point they cannot work, which means going on permanent disability and trying to survive on that pittance. For others it means working substantially less and trying to deal with that. For others it means struggling through full-time because they must, but there is a cost to themselves for that… other factors decline.
  • It impacts our family and relationships. All relationships really. Pain and illness have a radius. It touches all those around us and impacts them as well. We have a higher divorce rate. We lose friends.
  • It impacts our mood. Sometimes we develop comorbid depression and/or anxiety.

It impacts all aspects of our quality of life.

It is important to think about because many other people do not. We think about maintaining and coping and future goals. And we are always trying to better our quality of life. Such that others never seem to think about the Impact our health has on our lives. And how it affects our quality of life. They think of it like we our isolated in a bubble. It is just how we are doing today. Fine? Not fine? And that is all. No, we have the same things that make every other person whole. Mood, social life, family, loved ones, work. And all of that is impacted. It is essentially life crippling… illness is. And we have to find a way somehow to make it less so. But other never see the scope of us. Maybe because they only ever see a facet of us. Our work self. Or social self. And never our self outside of these where you can see the impact more clearly.

Impact defines our life in many ways.

How much we get out of the house. How much we can socialize. Our isolation. How many times we get-together with family. How we deal with complications in relationships that arise from our health issues.


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