2017-04-29 23.31.15

So I am thinking of bring my OSKA Pulse buddy to work with me. My pain flares at work and I have nothing to do about it but my triptan, on triptan days, or painkillers that are mild. But when I come home and use the Oska Pulse well I tame the pain quite well. My head barely hurts from a killer migraine. My neck pain is gone and that was bothering me immensely at work… it is from the migraines.

It comes with an attachment that is a belt you slide the Oska into and you can then wear it on the location. I think this might be a good idea to give a go. Get some better treatment at work.

I mean the neck pain and migraine combo I had today was brutal. I sure could have used it.

I literally need this everywhere I go. As soon as a migraine starts.

I should say that I have been having some Amazingly good pain days. I mean, I can’t even describe how amazing it is. Nothing dampens the pain like the Oska Pulse does. I had migraines all the time. Pain 7-9 every day. No matter what. The never-ending story. Not to mention the FM pain and its flares. But I have had some days where I am in no pain until I am through the work day and then it is about a 5 ish. So then I use the Oska pulse when I get home and tame it down again. Other days I work up the pain at work into my red zone and have to wait until I get home to dampen it… thus this post.  But using it all the time as I do, has made my baseline pain reduce. Big bonus in helping with painsomnia. Before my pain would increase as the night progressed to the point I had a hell of a time getting any sleep at night.

If you decide to buy an OSKA Pulse yourself go to the links I made and enter in BRAIN for a coupon code. That is my coupon code which will get you money off. They increased it so I think it is at $55 off when you go to the site and enter in BRAIN for a coupon code. That is my coupon code which will get you money off.

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