12.01.19 _ 8AM

June is migraine awareness month. And so with it the campaign to raise awareness about migraines.

You can join in with this social media campaign HERE. It can be run through Facebook, twitter or a blog. Let’s all join in and share awareness about important migraine and headache awareness information.

It is prety important to me. I have had migraines since I was twenty and most of that time has been chronic due to central sensitization. It is pretty comorbid with hypermobility syndrome and Fibromyalgia; I was born with hypermobility syndrome and had FM pretty early as well. However, migraines were a beast that broke the camels back as it were. The pain was relentless. Daily. Unbearable. Unmanaged. On top of the existing pain. And how to cope and treat that has been a long ardous journey it-itself complicated in the last several years Major Depressive Disorder which was recently treated with medication (thankfully).

I am still chronic and may be for a long time, although I like the new research coming out. But I have had some progress with recent treatment that has made the pain much better to deal with. And I have had pain mamnagement at the pain clinic. Treatment for the depression. Things progressed after years and years of stagnation, due to my poor response (lack of) to preventatives and therefore lack of treatment altogether. And my poor response initially to botox. I am doing botox again, as the protocol is different than when I did it… back in the day. Another massive difference, for me, is using the Oska Pulse and external pain device I use for all my chronic pain that has significantly reduced my migraine intensity and somewhat the frequency as well. I was pretty astonished by my progress with this although I know these external stimulation devices are pretty effective. So I am glad I gave it a go. It has made such a significant difference in my pain management lately. (I have a discount code for that if you are looking for a external device yourself. Just type in BRAIN to get a discount). Anyway, as we progress with these treatments, lifestyle changes and supplaments we find methods to cope. But, man, I had like 15 years of pure survival mode. Trying one med, fail, trying another, fail, trying two for one, fail… endless. Wish this progress could have been a wee bit faster. That is not to say it is all easy street as is. With more than one chronic illness it is a constant process. But progress… is a beasutiful thing when it comes to quality of life.

When I reflect on that progress it is pretty awesome indeed compared to where I was at. And I’ll take that.

But awareness is pretty important for that fact. This disease is Complex. The Impact is severe. When I say 15 years where survival mode, I mean it. Not saying I tried every medication on the market… but it felt like it. And non-responsive. That is how complicated it can be. Not counting the complications of symptoms. And those can be life altering. I wasn’t able to drive because of vertigo. Which I am treated with the one medication that Does work, for vertigo (Sibelium… not available in the States). And with progress I am still chronic, just with better quality of life, pain management and coping.

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