The prevention #MHAM #MHAMSMC

Migraine and Headache Awareness Blogging and Social Media Challenge

What has worked for you for Migraine and/or Headache prevention?


  1. Sibelium: for the vertigo from vestibular migraines: The only medication to work for the vertigo. Ever.
  2. Oska Pulse: for intensity and freqency of attacks: I talk about this for FM and migraines in my header menu. It is an external pain device. Works for me. I am quite the promoter of such devices now and in particular this one. The results are, well, better than any medication I have been on.
  3. Botox… unknown yet, but I’ll put it on there because it is my new trial: I was a non-responder to it initially but it was for fewer shots and not 3 months. So giving it a solid go of it.
  4. Topamax: To a mild degree. I am not saying it is a wonder drug for me. The difference when I started it was barely even noticeable, but it was there.

I would probably add in other preventative things like:

  1. Meditation: I use this to manage pain overall.
  2. Exercise: In theory, this helps? Research and all. I have no idea. I do it for chronic pain management but never seen any perks to it. Without my Oska Pulse, due to my FM and hypermobility syndrome, I am not even capable of much exercise. With it, I am able to more, but again, who knows what that helps with.
  3. Supplements: For migraines, I certainly take magnesium regularly in oil form and B complex.

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