The challenges #MHAM #MHAMSMC



Discuss the challenges you have experienced with #Migraine and other #Headache disorders.

Chronic migraines come with a great many challenges.

Coping: I am stubborn. Just saying. I want things to be a certain way. And I don’t want the pain to interfere with that. Even when at the time, it certainly did. So I had issues with acceptance of the pain and coping. Instead, I would just push through and ignore. Not cope. No self-care. This was a while back mind you, but it was a major challenge because it leads to burn-out. You can’t carry on like that. You need to manage your pain, do self-care, have some level of acceptance and some effective coping strategies. Granted, you also need some sort of barely manageable treatment, or coping is rather hard. I think they go hand in hand. You can Begin to cope better when your pain is managed better. Otherwise, you a treading water in the middle of the ocean without a raft in sight.

the world is your oyster (3)

Effective treatment: Because chronic migraines are complex it can take a very long time, which trust me feels like forever when you are in pain, for any sort of moderate treatment. Any sort of noticeable change. Any sort of increase in functionality and quality of life. To be in that limbo phase is actual hell. Just putting that out there plainly. You are stuck between hope and hell. Like I said, this is a massive strain on one’s capacity to cope.

Working: While I struggled for effective treatment I had issues with working for some time. And it was a blow to my self-worth and confidence. I think when pain is at a certain level and chronic this is always a struggle; finding some work balance that works and at times it doesn’t work. And then struggling with your sense of self when it doesn’t work.

Comorbid conditions: I have other chronic pain. Fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndrome related pain issues. I struggled with depression related to the pain. I actually do have other invisible illness I need to manage like asthma and hypothyroidism. But it is the compounding pain that is an issue. This is why self-care is vital. Why proper medical management is vital. I can cope all I want but if their isn’t proper medical treatment I’m going nowhere fast.



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