To start the Manual we have to acknowledge having pain is dangerous. It should only be done in the safety of your own home and never done frequently. Quite frankly we recommend not havin

Self-worth, all joking aside, is an important topic. I joke but my self-worth tanked over years and years of struggling with pain. Struggling with productivity. Functionality. Feeling like I was failing as a Human. We sometimes lose our jobs. And then we have to redefine who we are without work and it is a blow to the self-worth. How to fill that void? How to not feel guilty about being ill.  I do do some of these things I joke about. I do do a gratitude journal. I do write down my accomplishments, even small ones every day. Helps makes you feel like you did something, anything, and it boosts your mood. So remember focusing on ways to boost your self-worth are very important.


2 thoughts on “Monday Manual: Self-worth

  1. Brilliant post, I needed to read this today as it serves as a great reminder. Sometimes you know what you could/should do, but don’t; you know what you’d say to others, and yet you still feel guilty or try to push yourself or feel bad about taking care of yourself. Thanks for sharing  ♥

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    1. My self-worth certainly got knocked around from being in pain for decades, so it takes some effort to boost that. Worth our time to pay attention to it and our self-care.

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