Share your experience with treatments other than neurology


I actually had some weird responses to some treatments I’ll share with you guys.

Chiropractor: Someone once told me never see a chiro unless it is for your back. Maybe he was right. I went there for migraines and he mucked about with my neck. Then a weird thing happened HE had never seen before. My neck started to spasm. Took a bit for it to stop. He figured it was because I have FM as well. I think it is because the migraines make those muscles tight as humanly possible and when he adjusted it tweaked one tight muscle. Either way, didn’t want whatever That was so didn’t go back.

Acupuncture: So I have migraine associated vertigo or vestibular migraines which pertain to this story. I went to try acupuncture three times. And every time I would get severe vertigo from it. As in unable to even drive after the treatment. Had to wait for it to dampen down to moderate to even leave. Every time. So not a coincidence. And I have no idea why. I thought perhaps the slight incline of the table messed with my head. But no idea really. But stopped trying that because it was nasty vertigo.

Massage therapy: I simply don’t do this because of the FM… it hurts like Hell.

What I like:

Meditation: I do mindful meditation and do find that helps with pain management when I remember to do it regularly.

Meditation is good for the brain.png

Thermal biofeedback: I incorporate this into meditation often. When I did it before it does what it says, you warm your body up. Hands anyway. Not sure if it does anything. But you are relaxed after and that relaxation helps with the pain management. So I do it with the meditation as a form of visualization.

Exercise: I do this for pain management because I am told it does things. Personally I have no idea if it helps but it does help maintain muscles which if they deteriorate makes pain worse.


Aromatherapy: Certain scents I find really soothing. Peppermint is my favorite since it helps with nausea.

A study in European Neurology found_inhalation of lavender essential oil may be an effective and safe treatment modality in acute management of migraine headaches._ in their study..png

Supplements:  take B12 in high doses because I have nerve damage which it helps with, a B complex and magnesium oil. When I get a migraine I apply the magnesium oil on the back of my neck and sometimes it does actually help dampen the migraine. I don’t know if the others help, but they don’t hurt. I take other supplements too. Also D 5000 iu was recommended by my neuro but I forget to get the refill on that one.

My Oska Pulse: I have mentioned in other posts my Oska Pulse external pain device. If you want to know more about it you can check it out at the menu at the top there. I use it for migraines and fibromyalgia. All pain really. But am getting some fine results with migraines.

2017-04-29 23.31.30.jpg

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