The pet factor #MHAM #MHAMSMC

How does your pet help you manage #Migraine or #Headache?


I actually have three cats. This picture is of me getting some Charlie snuggles. Charlie is about 6 years old. I have Bobby at 11 and Franky at 14.

Pets help us manage chronic pain a great deal with their unconditional affection. “According to the Delta Society, an organization that promotes human health through the use of animals… The non-profit group says research shows pets decrease feelings of depression, loneliness, and isolation. Pets may also be able to do your heart some good — they are credited with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.” EveryDay Health 

We know this to be true. There is a sense of connection we get with our pets even when we are at our most isolated. They are there for us when our pain is at its worst. Not to mention, they motivate us to do things because they need to be taken care of as well.

I love my cats to death.  My eldest cat, Franky. is getting old and suffers from chronic pain himself. I give him two doses of a pain killer every day to manage his pain. And the difference it has made in his quality of life has been amazing. I am so glad I can make his later days comfortable and his quality of life better because I love him dearly.

This is my Franks:


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