How does #Migraine and #Headache impact your creative expression?


As you all know, when in pain distract the brain. Migraines have impacted my entire philosophy on life and my perception of reality, and therefore influence my writing a great deal. Writing for me is one of my pain distractions. Within reason, because too much means I am rather befuddled and confused. However, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself without my writing. I personally;

  • Blog: I am a midnight blogger really. That tend to be when my pain is highest. It also means my experiences can be expressed vividly in the moment. For me it is important to spread awareness about the chronic pain experience.
  • Creative writing: I write fantasy fiction and have self-published under the pen name Lil Hamilton (it was getting mixed up with my non-fiction witting so thus the pen name creation). You can check me out on Goodreads. I feel almost like this is a form of escapism. Diving into a world of my own creation and, also, a very good pain distraction within limits. But, editing is a factor due to writing With migraines means a lot of odd a creative errors. I also do freelance non-fiction but that is mostly sold to the company to be used under their name, not mine. Although, at times I have published non-fiction or essays in various places.
  • Poetry: I write poetry exclusively when I am in a lot of pain and only about the pain experience. It is a outlet and a form of expression that can get to the experience better than other forms. I wouldn’t say I am particularly skilled at it, but I do feel compelled to write it in those particularly intense episodes. the world is your oyster (1)
  • Image creation: another creative aspect I do when I have a migraine and about migraines is for my Facebook Pages (Making Invisible Disabilities Visible and Migraineur Mutterings & Musings.)  I try to capture various aspects of the pain experience, living with chronic illness and migraines. the world is your oyster (3)


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