Sometimes these soft, delicate hands and arms burn with skin pain. A breeze ignites it. Clothing scrapes against it sparking pain in its path. The lightest touch is painful

This article is specific to migraine, but allodynia is not. I get it from Fibromyalgia as well. I will do up a post for that too.

This news comes from the recent and ongoing  2017 American Headache Society (AHS) Annual Meeting Cutaneous allodynia is when there is painful sensation in the skin, sometimes like a light burn and sometimes intense and excruciating, that are not from stimuli that would normally provoke such pain. With migraines it is very common in the scalp and neck, but I have had it scalp, neck, back, arms and thighs.

There is evidence to suggest having allodynia could be an indicator someone may go chronic. There is also evidence its presence may affect treatment.

The nature of the stimulus that elicits allodynia may be classified as  mechanical static (eg, with head rested on pillow), as mechanical dynamic (eg, when brushing one’s hair), or as thermal. Allodynia location is classified as either cephalic or extracephalic

The mechanisms underlying allodynia are thought to be associated with peripheral sensitization of meningeal nociceptors or with the activation of the trigeminal ganglion itself.4,5 When the cutaneous areas affected by allodynia expand, central sensitization progresses. Extracephalic location of allodynia is usually associated with involvement of thalamic neurons. Neurology Advisor

Findings were drawn from questionnaires through 2004-2009 in the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention database with over 100,000 responses.

  • Chronic migraines had the highest rate of allodynia.
  • When allodynia increased so did headache disability.
  • The studies found that it is a strong predictor of poor response to abortives (triptans, NSAIDs, opiates and barbiturates).




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