As you guys may have read I use the Oska Pulse as my main pain management at this time for fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. I have talked about it and a few studies that pertained to FM and Migraines when I did my review.

And now we have some new research out looking at the Oska Pulse specifically instead of the large cumbersome PEMF devices they used in the research for studying its uses.

Participants ages were between 33 and 70, with chronic pain. Participants were using the Oska Pulse at home for 1 hour in the morning, afternoon and at night for a total of 4 weeks. They rated their pain in the morning and at night. There were 10 subjects in the trial.

Results were promising indeed. ” Of the five participants, four reported that they perceived an improvement in mobility (Table 2). Subject #1, for example, was a 70-year-old male who had a history of bilateral knee pain for three years. He had a baseline pain of 4 out of 10, and after 12 days of using the Oska Pulse device as instructed, he consistently reported a pain level of 0 at morning and night for the rest of the trial (Figure 1). He also reported an improvement in mobility. ” OSKA PULSE: A NEW METHOD OF PAIN MANAGEMENT Journal of Pain Management (volume 10, issue 2) .

The conclusion of the study stated the Oska Pulse is an effective method of improving pain experience.

The results of this research study found that the Oska Pulse device is an effective method of pain management for patients with chronic pain. Statistical analysis found a significant difference in the subjects’ mean pain scores overtime, indicating that regular use of the device reduced pain for the group as a whole. Similar to other research studies on PEMF therapy that were mentioned in the literature review, this study found that PEMF can both reduce pain and improve perceived mobility. Fifty percent of the subjects showed overall pain reduction from the device, while three became either pain-free or nearly pain-free, proving that the Oska Pulse can be effective. – Dr. Kathy Davis OSKA PULSE: A NEW METHOD OF PAIN MANAGEMENT  Journal of Pain Management (volume 10, issue 2).

Limitations to this pilot study are the sample size. Larger studies will have to be done. But it is a great first study  into what I know works for me.

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