When people tell you weird things to do to help with your pain… like a banana peal on the head for a migraine.

What confused.gif

When people tell you, you don’t seem like you are that much pain at all.

you mock my pain.gif

Then your vision goes warpy, nutty nut bars. With extra fun with sensory sensations. Smells that are not there. Auditory hallucinations.



When everything is just getting so loud. Why is everything in existence have to be so loud?


You pretty much lost your capacity to think. Just chasing the brain thoughts in circles.

confused walburg.gifAnd it is so damn light out…

anigif_optimized-29905-1427929971-9But you do look cool in your sunglasses, which you wear pretty much every moment of the day and night. It is a migraineur fashion statement.

house glassesBut the pain is insane.

suicide House.gifAnd you have 800 pill that don’t do a thing


So you miss a lot of things, like social events, plans or work

see u there or another timePeople wonder what you are doing at home when are not around…


Yeah, you would do anything to kill these migraines… even a banana peal on the head.


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