Tell us about a missed special occasion or strategy you’ve discovered to avoid missing out.

the world is your oyster (3).jpg

You know it is hard to say I use a particular strategy to avoid missing out. It is more of a mindset that I have enacted over time. A certain level of acceptance that I will be in pain regardless of whether I am doing something… or not. And I would rather not miss out on every aspect of life. Aside from epic pain levels of course. I do moderate activities as well. I am pretty mellow in my choices that way. But I want to be able to engage in my life.

I do have to be prepared, naturally. I do bring medication wherever I go. And I sometimes have to leave early if the pain becomes unmanageable. But I get out there. I do socialize. I do interact. And this does help with isolation and mood.

And in order to do this I also prepare myself to go out. So if I have a migraine before going out of the house I will really manage that migraine as best I can. Triptan, medication, ice, rest, migraine balm and my Oska Pulse. Just go for the gold on that one and make sure I do get enough rest. Make sure I am hydrated as well. If it gets worse, like significantly I may have to skip out. If it is manageable I can still go, but must be prepared. If I actually kick it, still must be prepared because it could come back.

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