I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

Review of Theraspecs

TheraSpecs are divine on the eyes for migraine and fibromyalgia photophobia. I absolutely, fundamentally love them in every way humanly possible. I can’t state that enough.

I went with the Haven specs as you can see below. I think they look pretty snazzy. I got a lot of compliments on them actually. I love the style. I think I personally look better in the rectangular shape so that is why I chose these ones over the other styles. I like that the lenses are large so that you get the right amount of coverage. They curve and wrap around a bit, again to provide good coverage. They are lightweight, so put no pressure on my head or ears. And the back of my ears are actually very sensitive due to allodynia, so there was no pain there at all enabling me to wear them for long durations. The ear hooks are flexible and can be adjusted to mould to your head, or in my case, so they do not touch too close to the head.

I actually forget I am wearing them all together until someone remarks on how ‘cool’ they are. I suppose ‘coolness’ is an unintentionally side effect but I am all good with that. A migraine fashion statement and all.

They are superb on the photophobia. Softening the light so that it isn’t painful. I can work on the computer for long durations. Not worry about the lights on in the house or the windows open… which I am sure my spouse enjoys particularly.

They are designed to for migraine:

  • Reduce headache intensity and frequency
  • Relieve glare and the painful intensity of photophobia
  • And also protect us from fluorescent lighting

Things about TheraSpecs to consider

  • They do ship worldwide
  • They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • They can be made with a prescription or on frames you already own
  • They have ultra-light frames, which I mentioned.
  • They have the flex fit arms, which I mentioned.
  • And they have precision-tinted lenses, so you know you are getting the precise Fl-41 tint.

Now I wanted to mention something told to me by my neuro and even mentioned in the TheraSpecs research section that a lot of migraineurs do not know. Light avoidance, so wearing regular sunglasses all the time and blackout curtains and so forth, which seems awesome because of the intensity of light, actually makes our photophobia worse over time. And it certainly did with mine which actually was pretty constant due to having fibromyalgia as well, and so very, very intense. So I slowly started with some light exposure in the house and so forth, which is damn impossible unless you have tinted Fl-41 specs to soften the light. And the photophobia is improving. I wear these all the time, except outside because I have yet to buy the outside pair yet, which I need to do. And at work, because I have yet to see if I can get accommodation to wear them at work (which would be so much better given the light and the florescent lights there). But at home and even outside on some days these are the Bomb! I actually haven’t had a problem wearing these outside on a lot of days, just the sunniest of days I would definitely need the outdoor ones for sure. But cloudy days, rainy days (which there has been a lot of) and dusk they have been pretty awesome for me outside.

The TheraSpecs site actually does mention Fibromyalgia photophobia citing that 70% of people with FM have this symptom. It is nasty to have all the time, I can assure you that. The reason listed for this is “ ongoing external sensitivities and lower pain threshold associated with the fibromyalgia; this has been previously described as “sensory overload.” Additionally, comorbid disorders such as dry eye and migraine—which are observed at higher rates in people with FM—include light sensitivity as a prominent side effect.” TheraSpecs FM and as such sunlight and florescent lights worsen the symptoms. It is true, we have a sensory overload thing going on with FM. It also lists the allodynia pain, a skin pain of the nerve sort that makes the skin burn and sensitive to the touch… thus the pain I get around the ears that makes it a very delicate area for glasses, which I need to wear regardless. And certainly counter the evils of fluorescent lights which frankly, I think we shouldn’t even make anymore they are so horrific for normal people let alone those of us so sensitive to them

Basically, instead of blocking the whole spectrum and increasing light sensitivity, it is blocking the blue spectrum that is intense to our photophobia with migraines. Research has “linked precision ophthalmic tints to reduced visual discomfort for patients who reported having migraine.4 FL-41—as a “precision” tint—does not simply block all light of a certain colour. That type of tint creates lenses that are as dark as sunglasses, which can worsen light sensitivity in the long run when worn indoors. Instead, it is better to focus on filtering only the most harmful wavelengths. TheraSpecs are a premier example of precision-tinted lenses, and they have been independently shown to filter more light in the critical wavelengths around 480-500 nm while still being light enough to allow extensive use with no side effects. ” ThereSpecs Research

There has been research to suggest the tint is superior for migraines as well; opposed to green, amber or yellow. Also rose-tinted specs. My regular work glasses are rose-tinted specs. Which I got originally because back in the day that was the research out there and this was before there was TheraSpecs. And before the specific tint for migraines was determined. And these are far superior to my rose-tinted specs (red tint- which is discussed in the research section of the TheraSpecs site). There isn’t even a comparison. It is That much better. Since I haven’t asked if I can wear these at work yet (intimidated by a history of lack of accommodation I suppose) I come home and switch to the TheraSpecs immediately. Just immediately. Such a relief.


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