Please discuss your main source of support and any ways in which you support others.

it feels likewe're worldsapart, but we are never alone.png

My main source of support is online. I go to online support groups when I need it most and just to chat. Makes me feel connected. It is its own community and I feel involved. And when I need support they are there for me.

In real life, my main support in my network, is my mom. She is there for me when I need her. Helps me think through problems or worry through them as I am wont to do. She gives me rides to doctor appointments when I have vertigo or a migraine. She assisted me with funds when I was on leave from work and my insurance company wasn’t paying me one iota. Gets me out of the house as well and we go for coffee.

I support others by:

  • Being a member in a support group myself and helping people who have questions or need support for various reasons. We all support each other.
  • Running my Migraine Page, and providing research and information about migraines, so informational support. And on my Other page… Making Invisible Disabilities Visible, which is more general and on Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain.
  • Running this blog for information and my personal experiences. Research and information is informational support. My personal experiences, are the sort of support you need to not feel alone and isolated. To know you are not the Only one that is experiencing that. I advocate and raise awareness as much as I can.



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