What words other than “headache” do you think should be used instead of “headache,” and why?

Migraine_ A neurological exploding party in the brain that pain happens to be invited to.



I am really big on ‘migraine attack‘. I am having a migraine attack right this very moment and it sucks balls. Literally this moment. Anyway, it emphasizes that it isn’t just a headache. This is a disease with 4 potential stages to it. It sweeps through the brain like an attack. It lasts 4 hours to 3 days. This is more than the headache. It may not even include the headache stage. Attack is much more accurate.

But if you want you could go with:

  1. Migraine episodes
  2. Migraine events
  3. That neurological party I got forcibly invited to by my brain
  4. Explosive disorder of the brain
  5. Exploding-imploding episodes of mass destruction
  6. Massive head contraction attacks
  7. Like a supernova in my brain

Migraine-labguage matters.png






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