In what ways have Migraine or Headache disabled you, and how do you combat them?

The pain crowds into me forcing me into a bubble existence, isolated from my environment and shut off from people..png

Migraines have a way of truly crippling a person with pain when they are unmanaged. It isn’t the sort of pain you can just walk around with and function through. So you do need some sort of management with chronic migraines to have any quality of life. Management through medications and your own strategies. So how does it cripple you?


The pain when it is acute can be 7-9 in intensity. I have been known to function through the 7. I have been known to even pretend I can function, with medication, through an 8… but that is very unpleasant and not endured well. But sometimes with chronic pain you have to do it, because you have to work. And when pain isn’t managed that is what you do. And a 9? Impossible. Just impossible. Pain management has been helping with this… so pain not always IN that 7-9 range first of all. And that is a lot better. And I try to manage it as best as I can when it is, which is better since it isn’t Always in that range. Triptans seem to work better when I don’t use them the maximum times a week as well. So preventative treatment is important, as is acute and rescue medication. Need to manage the intensity of that pain to function in the world and have quality of life.


This is a big one when the pain is out of control. I self-isolate a lot because I am in a lot of pain and I don’t want to function with it, so I don’t. Which leads to extensive hermit modes. However, I realized this wasn’t good for my mood and it certainly wasn’t good for my spouse who hermitted right along with me. So I slowly began to get out more often on those low pain days. And it really does help boost the mood. Certainly, it helps that as a couple we are getting out more. And I don’t feel that sense of isolation, that even as an introvert you get with too long hermitting.

the sparks between us will (2).png

And you know, it makes me pretty angry. And frustrated. Dealing with it all the time knowing at any moment I could lose control of the pain. Knowing that I deal with a lot of pain all the time that people just do not even comprehend. But I have to set that aside and cope as best as I can because it is my life. And my quality of life that matters.

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