So many lost days to pain

‘Weekend’ migraines are from ‘stress letdown’. So you are stressed all week. Normal daily stress, positive stress and negative. The weekend comes and you relax. Migraine.

And I had a violent one, due to the storms we were having. With a fibro flare to add to that.

It was a lost day. Pain in the 9 range and unable to function. Tried all the things I can try and the pain didn’t diminish. So nothing I could do but endure it. Nothing TO do at that point.

But I didn’t feel guilty about it. I can’t control when a migraine is a 9. I can’t control when the pain is so high I cannot function with it. Or when it will not respond to medication. Therefore I shouldn’t feel guilty about having it.

I didn’t react emotionally to it. Sometimes we get angry we are in pain. And I get very angry if I have to miss something important. Sometimes we get sad, because the pain is so fierce and consuming, we feel consumed by it. But I knew it was temporary. I knew I just needed to relax, do self-care and ride it out.

What did I do?

  • I took too naps in the dark trying to dim the pain, and just to have some peace in the dark.
  • I used a lot of ice, just to make the pain a bit numb for a little bit.
  • I used my migraine balm all day long, for the ever so temporary sensation it provides.
  • I read for a little bit, as much as I could handle.
  • I watched Netflix.
  • And I lay on the couch not doing much of anything. Tried some medication, but it didn’t help much.

And wasn’t in the least bit productive at all. Not in the least. Because the pain was far beyond distracting. It was consuming.

We will have days where nothing works. It is just going to happen. And we have to understand that is not our fault. We have to do the best we can to relax as much as we can. Keep in the dark. Keep it cool. Manage our symptoms (I took more than my share of Zofran). Tried a triptan, which failed. But when we cannot manage the pain we have to make sure it doesn’t manage us, which is easier said that done. Pain like that? Tends to mess with my mood. But it didn’t because I rested, I napped, I made sure I was calm and I didn’t let myself dwell too much on pain thoughts. Which is good, because my brain loves to ruminate about pain, which then leads me down a road of depressive thoughts. I need to always try and stop that before it begins. One thing is the meditation. Usually I slap on my ice bags, neck and forehead, and then meditate to calm myself down.

I got a little worse at night. Because those sorts of thoughts always come more then. And then I have to actively counter them with my own thinking. Argue with myself. State that thought is overstating the negative and ignoring the positive, or that thought is catastrophizing. That sort of thing. And then distract myself with some quiet music.

High pain, though, is very difficult to manage all day long. It is so very tiring. The pain just beats you down. And you cannot focus on anything else must to even distract you from it. Not for long anyway. The only way out, is through.


2 thoughts on “‘Weekend’ migraine

  1. In all my years of having migraine, I’ve never had that explained that way. I have, however, noticed both “weekend migraine” and “after work migraine.” I used to think I was weirdly lucky that more attacks came right when I finished work than during (though I’ve definitely had my share during!) The “weekend migraine” effect makes sense.

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    1. Yes, it can get us when we are stress, but it can get us when we have that relieve of stress as well. Sort of unfair really when you think about it. I am prone to these as well. Which, as you, say works when you are working. But certainly not fun for the weekend at all.

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