BOTOX for migraine feels a lot like rubbing a porcupine all over your head for funsies..png

So I have done my research on botox and it isn’t as impressive as one thinks for chronic migraines. Not when you have migraines every day, in any event. This is no 50% reduction we are looking at. Not to say that some people do not have awesome results, just not on average. This quote sums it up nicely.

“When the researchers looked at the placebo-controlled trials, they found that Botox was associated with about two fewer headaches a month for people with chronic migraines and those with chronic daily headache. However, the report states that “Botox is no help for people with episodic migraines (fewer than 15 a month) or chronic tension-type headaches.”” Migraine Again

Yes, indeed, 2 fewer migraines a month. I know I am impressed. So basically not awesome on the frequency side of things for Most people statistically on average, but there are outliers. But there is Intensity management, which is equally important I find. The Oska Pulse for example is helping me a great deal with intensity, and that I find helps me a great deal with functionality. So there is definitely that. Big difference between pain in the 4-6 range than pain in the 7-9 range.

So it is too early to tell yet if the botox is doing much. But I can tell you it is definitely helping with the constant neck pain. I did notice that because with daily migraines the neck pain is constant and quite nasty. That is one perk that is not a small thing for me.

I will be tracking my migraines to see if I have any improvement but at this point hard to say if it will be the Oska or the Botox. But does it matter? Not to me it doesn’t. I tend to try more than one treatment at once so it is often hard to say what is working when something works, so I just keep on keeping on. Course, if things get better in a real noticeable way then I can definitely conclude it is both together. Or a boost to frequency. But the Oska also gives me some migraine free days. Either way, I’ll do both. No harm, no foul. The Oska doesn’t hurt me to use and clearly it is beneficial for me. The botox does cost some for me over my insurance but it is the last treatment I have available to me, so might as well stick with it.

So botox. Does it hurt? Well, yes, yes it does. It is needles. In your head. A lot of them. So yes, it does hurt but not a massive amount. And I have no fear of needles. I should note this go around I had some insane allodynia so my scalp was on fire as is, so yeah, it stung man. Just touching the skin hurts. But the last time it wasn’t bothersome. So I wouldn’t be intimidated by it at all. I think the fear of it for some people is more than the actual fact of it. So brief of a pain is relatively speaking a mild concern, but allodynia makes it sting a little more. But allodynia makes washing your hair an adventure when it is severe. I have had a nasty case of it for months now, all the way down to mid-back. Just constant fire.

Main issue is that it aggravates migraines to begin with, for me. So a real boost to the pain for that day for sure, and the next. And generally for 1 to 2 weeks I am told it can be a bit hellish. I don’t know if that will be the case this time but it was noticeably worse for a week the first round, so we will see now. Today and yesterday were hellish so there is that. But, this, is something that varies from individual to individual. I am told the reason it is particularly bad for people is that the botox runs out near the end, and doesn’t kick in right away… leaving some time of not very much coverage. I don’t have that issue since I have alternative means for decreasing intensity. Mostly it is the day of and even the next day that I seem to get a real flared up migraine from the act itself. Maybe due to the allodynia factor actually. I have no idea.

They do recommend 3 rounds for a trial to see if it is doing anything. And so I know I will be doing that for sure. But I am fairly certain this will be a regular venture for me, for lack of anything else to do medically. And it works with my other therapies well. If it does have a cumulative effect I should notice some change in pattern in the 3rd round. I am a previous non-responder so my results are pretty much the lower end of the spectrum. And people do have spectacular results. Obviously. The mean result is 2 less days, but that does mean there are outliers to that. Intensity, of course, as I say, a massive benefit on its own.


2 thoughts on “2nd round of Botox for migraine

  1. I’ve had migraine since I was 15 years old. My daughter has had migraines since she was 4 years old. Between her and I we have tried just about every single medication on the market. Unfortunately we are one of the or two of the few people that migraine prevention medications are treatment medications do not work for. I have maybe one day a week migraine free. I finally tried Botox. I didn’t think there were really any pain associated with the needles because they were so small and migraine pain is so great and overwhelming. I have been one of the fortunate ones. The day I had my injections I did not have a migraine. I’m on day 10 and I have not had a headache or migraine at all. I have had some pressure associated with my head. But no pain no throbbing no stabbing no wanting to die. So keep in mind it does affect everybody differently I know I’m extremely fortunate and I hope the results hold out. But it can be a miracle worker for some people. But unfortunately like all the other treatments that just doesn’t work for some people. Good luck everyone. I wish everybody a migraine free day and I hope everyone’s life gets better cuz I know migraines can control your whole life.

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    1. I should likely note I have allodynia so the needles do sting a bit when your skin is on fire, but I know the first time I didn’t and it wasn’t bothersome at all. So I guess it might depend on that scenario.


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