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Fibromyalgia comes with three major types of pain sensations.

Hyperalgesia: this is our major pain as part of the syndrome itself. It is an abnormal sensitivity to pain. The crux of our pain dysfunction.

Allodynia: With allodynia, there is a triggered pain response from stimuli that does not normally cause pain. In this case, it causes a great deal of skin pain. The skin burns to the touch and is often described as a sunburn sensation and can be much more intense. Clothes hurt. Touch hurts. And it burns like hell. Often tramadol and topical Lidocaine are recommended.

It can happen anywhere. I have had it all down my back. On my thighs. And my arms. Right now I have a brutal patch that is insanely intense on my right upper back below the shoulder.

Sometimes these soft, delicate hands and arms burn with skin pain. A breeze ignites it. Clothing scrapes against it sparking pain in its path. The lightest touch is painful

Paresthesia: Causes  the ‘pins and needles’ sensations, an itch, tingling, prickling and numbness. And can cause pain.

I once had an insane bout of this that lasted a couple of years. Tingling and numbness below the waist. Disturbed my doctor who thought it could be any number of back issues and led to three MRIs. But, nope, FM. Not saying it wasn’t bad with the numbness intense tingling issues given the location. It got worse over time in a year and took about two years to dissipate. Well, in the sense it isn’t as bad as it was, but still mildly there.


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