FL-41 glasses for migraine photophobia

I have my new prescription FL-41 tinted specs now. This is the specific tint that is beneficial for migraines and our photophobia.

New Fl-41 migraine glasses for photophobiaI have written about them before as I have tried both Axon Optics and TheraSpecs in non-prescription and still use both. My prescription is very mild and I only get it to prevent eye strain which I do not need with migraines. A little near-sighted in one eye and slight astigmatism in the other. Although every couple years it does get a tad worse. So for work, I like to use the prescription for sure.

Here are my TheraSpecs

TheraSpec glasses for migraine
TheraSpecs for Migraine

They are the Haven model and I wear them at home most of the time because they are lighter. The frame is very light. It is flexible around the ears, so there is no pressure there. My ears are a very sensitive area for pain during a migraine so this is important. As well, my new specs, above, are heavier, so I don’t wear them all day. My script is mild so I don’t necessarily need it to see aside from eye strain at work. So these are my fav for home. Plus I like the way they look.

Here are my Axon Optic specs

AxonOptics migraine glasses

They are the Hannik model. I typically wear these outside because they have a really good coverage for the eyes on them. I mean these let no nasty light in. Had I thought of this before ordering them I would have ordered them in the outside tint.

And I did, in fact, get accommodation to wear them at work. I haven’t had much luck with accommodation in the past so I just wasn’t sure. However, this is a different manager and the other manager I dealt with was, well, horrible with the chronically ill. I don’t think any companies do well with chronic illnesses, to be honest, but my personal experience has been pretty negative and my health at the time tanked. And if you can find a place that is mediocre in that department… well, Score! Because the ones that excel are few and far between. However, I did get accommodation and that is all that matters to me because these specs are that good for the photophobia. The difference is just so profound. So I really wanted them for my work environment.

I wore them for the first time yesterday for work. And it was awesome the difference it made. The way it makes everything so much softer and less aggressive. What is frankly far more astonishing is I didn’t get a migraine that day at all. Not even a little bit. Nada. And that is truly amazing. I do get migraine-free days with from using the Oska Pulse mind you, so that could be coincidence, or it could be just one more thing helping me manage the migraines. And that is all good.

These new ones are not Axon or TheraSpecs. I got them from my eye doc. Apparently, at my eye doc, they just started selling the Fl-41 tint. As in, I was the first customer. When he recommended specific glasses for my migraines I wondered if it was the same thing and so when they told me what it was I was, well, there you go. So I didn’t have to mail my frames off, after all, just got them locally. They were not cheap because I always get all the coatings on there as well, without That, it is quite decent.

So at work, no one mentioned my specs. No customers found it particularly something to note so I didn’t spend all day explaining it. So that is good. Only one customer mentioned it. And that conversation went thusly:

Him: I like the glasses. They’re cool. Are they like yellow glasses and make everything yellow? Orange in your case?

Me: No, they just seem to make the light softer. They are for migraines so that is why I wear them but if they make me look cool, I am all good with that.

Him: Yeah you can be like John Lennon. Just whip out a guitar and sing some tunes.

Me: Trust me, no one wants to hear me do that!

We had a good chuckle anyway. Nice customer for sure.

And a migraine free day at work? I can handle that for sure.

Either way, all my Fl-41 specs are perfect for photophobia, of which, I have severely from migraines, visual snow, and fibromyalgia. So wearing these is an immense benefit for me. It makes the light less harsh. Softer. I cannot stress how this one simple change has affected my capacity to function in light environments. And having a house that has light exposure in it as well. Not always surrounded in darkness, which I am told makes photophobia more sensitive.

12 thoughts on “FL-41 specs for migraine

  1. Omgosh I never knew there were glasses like that! I have vestibular migraines which means my migraines come in the form of constant dizziness and daily vertigo attacks along with the headaches 😦 Maybe these tints might help me too. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂


    1. I used to get nasty vestibular migraines myself but a preventative called Sibelium really helped me. Still get a wee bit of vertigo but nothing crazy. But yeah the specs are so awesome. I love them.


      1. Hmmm maybe I’ll bring it up to my doc on the next visit. I’m currently on Notriptyline and trying out other meds on top of it. So far preventative meds doesn’t seem to work out for me and I am currently going for vestibular rehab too. Thanks for sharing, will check out the meds 🙂

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