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The thing about an invisible disability is that we can hide it. Mask it. Slap on a façade and pretend. There are many reasons we wear facades. See The Façade.

It is a unique feature about invisible illnesses and I do wonder if it makes us more invisible in some ways. People think ‘I saw you do something yesterday fine, and now you can’t.’ Or ‘I saw you smiling and laughing yesterday and working fine, and now you can’t.’ They fail to understand the level which we mask that can be masked. They fail to understand the Variability of our diseases. The pain. The fatigue. Other symptoms. All vary from day to day.

It is unseen. But Felt.

Our bad days hidden in shadows. Where they are likewise unseen. So people never see the worst.

Shadows of suffering_Hidden behind closed doors..png

They doubt. They wonder. They speculate.

We use our words to explain our life as it is, but they are never adequate to cover the experience and they cannot ‘See it.’

Is this a members only club? To you have to get it to ‘get it’.

You don't see the illness.png

I wonder. And that is why awareness is vital. Sharing the experiences of what it is like to be chronically ill. Sharing images. Sharing awareness campaigns. Maybe someday we won’t experience as much stigma as we do now.

2 thoughts on “Unseen but felt

  1. I can’t decide whether it is what they think, or is it simply what I think they think. I go round and round with this and come up with nothing satisfactory. Mostly my invisible illness is ignored. “Let’s not talk about the elephant in the room”. So I have no idea whether they actually think what we think they’re thinking.

    Did that make sense? I did say I go round and round with it…


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