20664515_10159336752750294_1153720302173638645_nI went to a music festival (Pigeon Lake Music Festival) this weekend with my neighbours and stayed with my uncle on his property out there. The posted image is from the last day of the band Chilliwack. It was a great festival. Low key and great bands. The first day the weather was cloudy with a bid of rain and the second day sunny, so not too bad for an outdoor event really.

I, of course, went prepared. I had all my medication with me, two hats, my FL-41 specs and sunglasses. A migraine balm as well.

But, alas, I didn’t bring ear plugs to reduce sound sensitivity with the migraines. So Day 1, I worked up a brutal migraine and took a triptan. Which didn’t seem to be doing much at all, since there was still all the sound. So we left halfway through. And went to do some relaxing around the campfire and that tamed it pretty good actually. Second day, well I just had a migraine flat out and this was a non-triptan day. So we went early in the day for a few hours, then took a break. At the break we went back to my uncle’s to visit family and ate. Then we met up with our neighbours again around the campfire. And headed back for Chilliwack. So I kept the brain pain pretty steady, but by the end it was up there. But by the end of the festival I sat myself back down at the campsite and chilled for a bit. I think, if I took breaks like this through the day, the pain would have been pretty manageable to be honest. Pushed it that first day and the resulting migraine was Insane.

I should mention all the out and about walking from the lot to the festival, the sitting for long hours, walking from where our neighbours camped to where my uncle lives… also not great for the fibromyalgia. I am sore head to toe. Every place on me where you could press a finger to my skin hurts like crazy. And the foot, ankle and leg pain is not to be envied at the point. But I don’t know. I can tolerate a lot of that pain. I noticed it, sure, but I don’t let it bother me too much. Aside from the foot and ankle pain which is slowly me down. But, so what, I am a wee bit slow. Not that big of a deal. It isn’t a race to the finish, now is it?

I think pain wise I did fairly well. If I had stayed at the festival through and through, that would have been agonizing. But chopping it up helped a great deal in managing intensity.

And I really enjoyed myself. Not just the music, which was great because I have never been to that sort of thing. But also visiting with my aunt and uncle for more time than I usually do. I quite enjoyed that. Then hanging out with our neighbours around a campfire, well, you can’t get better than relaxing around a campfire at night. All around I had a lot of fun this weekend.

It does astonish me how fast and intense a migraine comes on from a sound trigger though. And that does take away from the enjoyment factor. So, yeah, ear plugs that muffle the sound really are a must for us. I couldn’t endure the pain level that first day. And I managed it the second via my rescue and by breaking up the times I was there. Which means, for a two day event… I was there maybe a three quarters of one day? Not sure that is worth paying for unless you do get something to muffle the sound. I did rather enjoy doing it that because I got to spend time with family, relax and take a break from sitting too long… so it worked well for me either way.

Either way, these sorts of things always have a pain price. And you go in Knowing it has a pain price but willing to pay it for the reward of the benefits. Sometimes it is worth the pain, other times the price is just too much. I pushed it, certainly. But I think it was worth it overall.



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