The ouch of it

Bad pain daywatch out.png

So I managed to hurt my back. It was killing me on Tuesday at work and I thought it must have been a reaction to the weekend I spent. As with fibromyalgia you never can anticipate one’s reaction. Well, the next morning all hell broke loose with it.

I have had back issues before. But they were abnormal. Nerve related. And it only hurt when I walked more then ten minutes. Then it hurt like hell and increased with intensity. And it also came with below the waist tingling. Since that is symptomatic with a few back issues I received a few MRIs but it wasn’t any of those conditions. It was odd. Lasted for a few hellish years and then went away. It was an injury from yoga which I blame on hyperextending due to hypermobility syndrome. Apparently yoga isn’t the best for that sort of thing. I know Now.

This is different. Just shooting pain. Having trouble walking and sitting. Seemed like the pain was everywhere. But the next day I felt it more in the lower back, down the legs, mostly on the right side. And had a sharp tingling in the right foot. Which is now all tingly. So maybe nerve related again? I am using an anti-inflammatory cream my spouse uses for his arthritis and that back pain OTC med for a muscle relaxant, which unfortunately is making me astonishingly drowsy. The pharmacist said it might but perhaps it combined with my existing meds to increase that effect. Because I slept most of today. I can’t keep my eyes open. But it is helping me walk. And I know it will help me work tomorrow. All that sitting will be quite hard on it. It is quite unpleasant with the meds, but less than it was. Still the leg pain is likewise hard to handle.

I set up a chiropractor appointment, but it isn’t until next week. I have only ever been to one, one time. For neck pain. And it didn’t go quite so well. Cause some surprising neck spasms. Apparently FM and chiropractors are sort of iffy he said. But this is back pain and I have heard, they are good for that. Perhaps the hypermobility might interfere with their treatment… I have heard it can be a bad thing to hyperextend in that sort of thing as well. But at the same time, sort of want to get this treated as soon as possible. I don’t want to leave it and have it get worse, due to my compensating in how I walk and move. Already the way I sleep is compromised. And forcing myself to sleep differently causes a different sort of pain. I usually sleep on my stomach, and yeah, that sucked.

I bet it is a FM thing. I have had these sorts of deals before. Surprisingly bad foot pain, for example, that lasted for a few years. And was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. And it hurt like hell to walk. Disappeared as fast as it came. The weird back thing, same thing. Mysterious pain Things. And I must have exceeded my pain limits on the weekend, with not enough down time. And my body kicked my butt as a result. So I figure some chiropractor work will work out well for me. It is highly unlikely it is a ‘back problem’. It is a FM problem that will be fixed with down time from a flare of pain or some work within six months or so. Just one of the damn things.

But one hell of a dose of pain to add onto pain. On the other hand, great migraine week so far. And that back pain OTC med works wonders on neck pain I find. If not so wonderful on the back. So an added perk right there. Maybe it is working great on the migraines, not sure. But been some great low pain days with migraines. Mind you, today I literally slept 90% of the day. I don’t think I have ever had a medication that has caused this sort of drowsiness before. You know, maybe I should get a lift to work come to think of it. That doesn’t sound like peak driving conditions. Would be nice if I could move without it.


  1. This is a tricky one because, like you say, it’s hard to tell for sure what it is but it does seem like it’s nerve related. I’m glad you’ve got a chiropractor appointment, even though you’ve got to make it through the weekend first; will keep my fingers crossed this is a bit more positive and beneficial than the first (I’ve never had one so I can’t really share any experiences here). Really do hope the pain eases off and the mobility improves asap, as it’s another thing you could really do without!
    Caz xx


  2. I’m sorry to hear you’ve hurt your back, backs are tricky to sort out, and refuse to be hurried along, so be patient and take care. Also be careful of too many meds especially anti-inflammatories which can irritate your stomach lining and cause gastritis (I speak from experience). I use a herbal remedy Devil’s Claw in drop form for inflammatory pain in my joints and muscles. I hope the chiropractic helps, be prepared to feel a bit worse before you feel better and to need several sessions. I have osteopathy, but family members have chiropractic, one in particular could hardly move his neck due to disc problems, but has more mobility after treatment. Try not to do too much after treatment and let it do the healing. Good luck 💜


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