The befuddlement of low pain

(´∇ノ`_)ノhappy birthday!time 2 party

It has been an awesome pain week. Aside from the back pain which can be attributed to a bit of exceeding my fibromyalgia limits, sitting too long in lawn chairs for that music festival and likely because I am 40. Anyway. Back pain isn’t fun, but it isn’t severe chronic back pain. Well, I have FM related pain IN my back, but not a back pain Condition. Different.

But it has been a great pain week migraine wise. And one wonders why. It is a tad puzzling. What did I do? What didn’t I do? What planets aligned to make this scenario happen? Or was it just the OTC muscle relaxant I have been using to tame said back pain that just happened to tame the migraine pain at the same time? Hard to even say really. It did rather help with my neck pain and injured shoulder… more than the actual back. So that was a perk. Maybe on the brain ball too.

You have to enjoy that while you can but it does make go hmmm.

Although it doesn’t escape me to note that one pain is flared and another is dampened. That is duly noted. Chronic pain lifestyle right there. My own fault though. I know full well with fibromyalgia sitting in one position for long durations causes pain. And I should have known that in those sorts of chairs it would mess with my back. Well. I had no experience to know that would happen specifically since I have never had back pain like that and never sat in lawn chairs that long. But I Knew staying in one position for too long would result in pain. Usually more of a leg pain situation. Life gets in the way of pain sometimes. Just the way it is. And it was a very enjoyable weekend. I can’t anticipate every angle. Sometimes there are just unanticipated consequences.

I am very much enjoying the brain pain break though. You have no idea how nice that is. My intensity does fluctuate with the Oska Pulse and my Botox so that is good as it is. But this break was basically nill pain for 4 days. And it is a profound relief to have such low pain you barely note it for 4 whole days. Pain is so relentless sometimes. It is stunning when it is just so low you barely note it. Well, low in one area. Moves to another. Whatever, body, whatever.

I felt like commenting on its awesomeness because it isn’t lasting. Tonight migraine struck. Not obliterating me to senselessness. But full blown migraine. So no rest for the wicked I guess. It was nice while it lasted for whatever random reasons it was there for. Could have been some good rest and my Oska for all I know. Not complaining. I’ll take it. I’ll take it any day of the week, man.


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