The fibromyalgia flare


When you have a Flare and you think…

Why did I do that thing? And how did that Thing even cause This much pain in the first place? The Thing wasn’t even painful. But, oh, man, it sure is Now. So much for Thinging.

I regret moving. Anything. That leg? Unpleasant to walk with. That hand? Can’t write with. My back? Doesn’t want to back today. Pinkie toe? Doesn’t want to be left out.

When I am beginning to think lethargic is a new personality trait of mine. How can I move Slower, I wonder? How can I micro nap everywhere at any time? Except at night when apparently I cannot sleep if my life depended on it.

And everything feels like a big ball of ache. Everything. I am ache personified. Oh, some places are way more painful, but every Other place, aches.


I just want to say when they say Exercise is good for Fibromyalgia apparently they do not mean actual exercise. Because Flaring for day 3 now. I have no idea why though because usually, I can handle 30 minutes. But three days about 15 minutes= 3 days of hellish pain. So who knows? Fickle, fickle beast is Fibro.


2 thoughts on “Fickle fibro flare

  1. Ah thank you for sharing. You sound exactly like my mother! Which is both hilarious and also i teared up a bit, so sad you and everyone with fibro go throug this! Thanks again for lending a voice so others can understand. ❤


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