So I have ordered myself some ChronicAlly Treat boxes. They are their smaller versions of their ChronicAlly boxes. Designed for people with chronic illnesses to get self-care packages in the mail. I thought it was a really wonderful idea so I order a three month trial to see what it was like. This months is a real treat I think. So I will share it with you.

Review of the ChronicAlly


They all come with this greeting card with a message on it, and then on the back it has product descriptions.

So this was what was in the treat box. Keep in mind the treat box is the smaller version of the box, so it has less in it.


The first item is Two’s Company -Sleeping Beauty Eye Cover– This excited me, to be honest. When I have a migraine I chill on the couch with ice and try to do some relaxation breathing. It is dark in there, but not dark Enough. So I have been meaning to find something like this. So this is an awesome treat for me.

Two’s Company- Words of Wisdom Bookmark– It is a great bookmark and since this treat box came with a book, it is a welcome addition. I keep losing my bookmarks so this will come in handy.

Beyond Powerful- Your Chronic Illness is not Your Kryptonite– Yes, a book! Can’t go wrong with getting me a book. Ever. This one is very short so I’ll likely be done it tomorrow. It seems to be a book to empower people with chronic illnesses to achieve goals with their illnesses. More like a motivational book. Seems too short for pointers on that, but maybe it is just a motivational boost in that direction. I might write a review on it if I enjoyed it.

Just Add Love- Pain Relief Bar– This is a real treat. I smells wonderful. It is delicious on the skin. Feels divine. I love it. It is a lotion bar to sooth muscles and joint pain and is all organic. It has arnica, sweet birch, menthol, and peppermint oils. This is truly something I would order all on its own.

So that is Augusts treat box and I think it is a great one. I have a book to chill with. I have the mask to help with my migraine relaxation methods. I have that lovely pain bar to sooth some aches and pains.

One of the best things though is getting this in the mail every month. It can cheer me right up getting like a present to myself to focus on my self-care in some way or another. Getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill. And never knowing what it will be! So treat yourself to a month of ChronicAlly and see if you like it.

4 thoughts on “ChronicAlly box: treat box

    1. This month was lovely. It is a great idea. I do wonder what the larger packages have in them now. But I wanted to try out more, so wanted to stay within budget. Got three months instead of one this way.

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