Humor migraine

4 things not to do with a migraine (seriously, don’t do it)

4 things not to do with a migraine.png


1)You can get your groove on with music. If you don’t have too much phonophobia. But do Not head-bang. It is Not recommended.


Some say you should cut your hair when you have migraines.I say,Just don't headbang with a migraine

2)You can move around carefully with a migraine but do Not spin in circles. Hell, you may already feel like you are if you get vertigo. That is a free amusement park ride you can’t get off of.


Don't spin in circles with a migraine.You're Welcome..png


3) Don’t cough or sneeze if you have a migraine. Even if you have a cold. Don’t do it.

Migraine tip_Don't sneeze with a migraine.You're welcome.


4) Don’t look at the bright yellow orb in the sky. It smacks you in the eyeball region.


When the sun hits your eyes like a big pizza pie ... that's a migraine..png

enough of this migraine crap... I am mary poppins-ing out of here..png



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