So for Pain Month I would like to mention the Oska Pulse is what I currently use for pain management outside of medication and exercise.

I wanted to mention it because I do have a Coupon code if you want to buy one. The code is BRAIN and it is for $55 of the price.

I use it for migraines. When I rest on the couch I put it right beside my head. When I am at the computer I rest it on my shoulder. It does have a band to use to put it anywhere, but I just plop it on my shoulder like a parrot. The result, which took more than a month to achieve, is lower intensity of migraines. So instead of 7-9 every migraine every single day. I get 4-9 every day, but some days no migraine at all. So a pretty good improvement really.

I use it for back pain. At first it totally slipped my mind I could so I suffered with this nasty back pain. Then I began to use it and the pain eased up substantially. Then because I was feeling fine I stopped and the pain flared up massively. So using it again. Because that was unpleasant. I need to keep using it until my back recovers.

I use it for fibromyalgia but it is hard because it is ‘pick a pain spot and put it there today’. I generally use it on my knees which are more of a EDS hypermobility pain issues. But when I do that it helps me greatly in my capacity to exercise without horrific pain.

  1. You do have to use it regularly
  2. It does take time to get a result. Longer if you have had pain longer, so it was a bit for me to see a result on migraines.
  3. There is no additional parts to buy. No electrodes or anything. It comes with a charger for it.
  4. It is a PEMF device. Not a TENs machine. Similar more to TMS, but designed differently work works on the body differently.

It is definitely something I use in my pain management strategies. Along with exercise, meditation, medication.

I get that it is pricy and that is something a lot of people think on. But personally the reduction in intensity of migraine pain alone has enable me to function at work. Whereas I couldn’t before. So that is something I would be willing to pay for. You pay for the increase in quality of life. And they have an excellent return policy if you try it and it isn’t for you. But I’d give it a real go. You have to use it a lot in the beginning to get it to really kick in. Later you can use it a little less to maintain. But you really have to use the Oska regularly for chronic pain in the beginning.

2 thoughts on “What I use for pain

    1. Definitely we are all different. Pain is such a puzzle. I actually do many things and this is one of them. Because I have a couple types of pain and certain things have to be done with certain types of pain. As you said, tricky indeed.

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