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For this trip I brought my Oska Pulse to manage pain, a pain cream to rub on anything that hurt (I worried my back my hurt a lot, and it did by today). I took my pills, in their sorter. I took my migraine balm. My as needed medication, such as my nausea med. My back pain med, just in case, because it has been randomly flaring up. 1 triptan, because that is all I had left. And 5 tramacet my rescue med, because that is all I had left. My symbicort and my inhaler for my asthma. I was prepared as I was ever going to be.

I went on a trip to Banff, Alberta, this year. It is close by to us really. Usually we go to Jasper or the Okanogan but this year we chose Banff as we really have not gone and checked it out. And we were worried about the smoke from the horrible wild fires going on in BC right now. I have asthma that seems to really flare up from smoke. Even when it drifts into where we are. As a result I have been using my inhaler more than… well, ever. So we tried to pick somewhere were the index was low-er. Thankfully, it had rained in Banff and this helped a great deal with this issue.

On the first day out and about we checked out the local hoodoos. The exercise exertion from walking uphill and up stairs and though down into the hills… well it triggered one hell of a migraine. I took my triptan but it didn’t abort it. So that night it was pretty brutal. Sadly this happens, which is why I tend not to plan too much in one day. And why this was the only really physical thing we did that day. I was just done for.


We went on a drive tour and checked out some lakes for a bit of a break from the hoodoos. It gives my body that down time it needs. And you can check out the scenery. And then we went shopping where I picked up a sweater, some natural soap and Epsom salts. Just a short stroll, checked out a few interesting shops. Bought my spouse some candy, from a candy store because he loves his candy. Bought me some chocolate from a chocolate shop, because I Love chocolate.

The second day we went up to Lake Louise and checked out their gondola ride… took the chair lift up their ski hill and checked out the view. And went to bow falls.

Then we went to Johnston Canyon and took a walk down it. We couldn’t walk the whole thing because a) fibromyalgia means I cannot walk that distance with all that uphill walking. b) I got vertigo from the skill lift and it was getting pretty bad at that point so had to turn around the 1.5 kilometer point. I would love to make that entire hike one day. Maybe with more exercise and physio I will be able to! But some of the bridges are bouncy and with the vertigo I already had it was extremely disorientating.

I knew I had exceeded my limits that day. I was pretty sore. So the next day on our drive home it was no surprise that I was insanely sore. But I had used my Oska Pulse to lower the pain level somewhat, so that did help with some of the pain. And I soaked in a nice Epsom salt bath when I got home, and that was so relaxing.

The migraine vertigo triggers were the car ride itself, the hotel elevator (which I stopped using right away) and the ski chair lift. So I still have vertigo, since the drive back obviously re-triggered that.

Then there was the exercise exertion migraine that was a brutal one on the first day, but oddly enough not the second where I exerted myself a great deal. The second day I had a moderate migraine later in the day which is very typical for me lately.

And the fibromyalgia flare from exceeding my limits on the last day there, but I had anticipated that. We had walked an excessive amount for me. But sometimes you know the consequences and you pay the price anyway. Because you want to. And you have planned recovery time.


You have to expect the pain will be there with you. And you have to work around it. Or with FM decide whether the pain will be worth what you are doing. So we cut short on one day due to wicked migraine. But kept going and flared the FM on the other day because I wanted to see those sights. It is all a compromise. How much pain can we tolerate, do we want to, and how much do we want to see.

And I enjoyed myself immensely. It was a great trip. And I had a great time.


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