Yeah, That’s a Flare

Fraction.You see but a fraction.Chronic Pain.So much is unseen.But felt.An entire existencehidden from sight that affects one's entire existence.Unknown.Perhaps,unknowable..png

So that holiday of mine has indeed caused a Flare. I did exceed my limits so not unexpected. My Oska Pulse was helping keeping it at bay, but then, silly me, I went to the doctor and she reduced my tramadol. So, now, really flaring hard. She reduced it because I have been getting severe dizzy spells for the last three months. And she has no clue as to their cause. Although I do have excessively low blood pressure, at times. It was around 95-55 that day. That isn’t the lowest it has gone. And I believe I have PoTS. The calcium channel blocker I take for vertigo, after all, improved the dizzy spells I get when I stand up, which it would if it is PoTS. Anyway, she doesn’t know. But that pain killer can cause hypotension, but she isn’t sure because I have been on it some time and odd it would just suddenly show as a side effect. But she wanted me to half the dose to see. So I have. And unfortunately the pain from my trip Magnified Tremendously as a result. Boom Massive Flare again when the Oska was managing the flare the trip caused quite well.

So I have been taking my Epsom salt baths and magnesium on top of that. And slathering pain creams all over myself like it is the new In perfume. Annnnnddd still walking slower than my rather spry 88 year old grandmother who just recently zoomed down a zip line. I am using my Oska again tonight, but where to pick? So much pain to choose from? I need 9 Oskas. I will use it, move it, use it, move it, and use it all night if need be.

My gran going down a zip line

My gran is awesome.

Point is, I am feel like a wrestled a grizzly bear and lost, or won, either way no one comes out of that feel spry.

Ankle pain. Foot pain. Leg pain. Back pain. Side pain. Shoulder pain. Migraine. Oddly enough no neck pain. But jaw pain. It is a pain fest all up in here.

So I am trying to just take it easy for the next couple of days before returning to work on Monday. So I recover. My spouse’s aunt is in town and I feel a bit guilty because I really, really, really do not feel like going out and about at all.


  1. Oh dear, definitely sounds like you need some down time and a chance for your body to rest. I get some dizzy spells and have always had very low BP, with no reason. I’m not actually sure what the testing/diagnosis criteria is for POTS but it’s worth checking in to. I really do hope you’re feeling a little brighter and stronger soon, but in the mean time please take it easy!! ♥
    Caz x

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