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The most frustrating thing about chronic illness is the spontaneous occurrence of another random symptom that doesn’t fit into the puzzle you already have.

I have been getting these massive dizzy spells every day for the last four months. So not a passing thing. Puzzles my doctor. So she reduced my painkiller thinking it is the cause. Apparently not, because it is still happening but now with the bonus of More Pain! YAY! I personally suspect it is POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). See here for info on that. And to say this is bothersome is quite the understatement of the year. It is intense, I feel like I am going to pass out and then it lingers in this state of lightheaded wooziness for half an hour to an hour. That doesn’t even sound like POTS but maybe just blood pressure altogether, since it is so low. How low can you go? Pretty low.

So you get a new symptom and if you are like me… you wait.

Maybe it will spontaneously disappear like it spontaneously arrived. Sometimes it Does. And then promptly forget it existed.

Maybe it will be mild and not worth really mentioning right away. Put it on the waiting list of things to mention when you have extra time at an appointment, if and when, that ever happens.

Maybe it is just another symptom associated with your existing condition. I know fibromyalgia has, like, 800. Maybe one of those, you never know.

So I remind myself to mention it to my doctor sometime on one of my doctor visits, when I have the time, after mentioning ‘The Important Things’. Of which there are always a few. And it always slides.

Sometimes though I can’t wait, because it is An Important Thing. Like this dizziness. Which I did wait, because that is how I roll. But now it is an Important Thing. Bypassing the other things I am waiting to mention. Other accumulated symptoms that have cropped up… including possible arthritis? Or just layered pain. Maybe just pain layering itself in specific areas it never did before. Who knows. So not an Important Thing.

So it becomes an Important Thing because a) it hasn’t gone away b) it got worse c) it is complicating things in your life in some way or c) you have become worried about it for whatever reason.

Then come 800 tests, and prodding and some more tests (the unpleasant ones more than likely because they to toss some of those in there for funnsies). Only to find out? Yeah, it is, in fact, part of your existing chronic illness. Go figure. Or Bam new comorbid condition! Whoo? Never know what it will be.



2 thoughts on “When another symptom crops up

  1. Yes, my new symptom was agonizing pain in my left elbow. It morphed into constant numbness in my left hand. Found out there’s nerve damage in my neck. Reason: unknown. Yay(sarcasm font needed) yet another thing to add to my disability claim.


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