I wrote a post a while back called Self-care when you are in a Funk. And I am in a funk again that I can’t shake. We all need a day where we can just take care of ourselves, give ourselves a break, guilt free to take care of ourselves.

Sometimes that means:

  1. Spending time on something just for ourselves: Like a hobby or something we do not get much time to do usually. Just something just for us, just for the sake of doing it. Not because we have to, but because we want to. Reading is my favourite. But coloring. Playing videogames. Knitting. Whatever is something you enjoy for the sake of doing it.
  2. Sometimes that means pampering ourselves a bit: I have this new Bath salts and handmade soap that I bought on my holidays. I get in the bath with some almond bubble bath. Play some tunes and just soak for a bit. And it just makes me feel really good. To me that makes me physically feel good, but also the products are a bit of a pampering because they are nice. Sometimes I put on a face mask after and it makes me feel just all freshened up a bit. Sometimes you just need to feel good about yourself. I am not one for make-up but others are, and that is something that makes them feel pampered.
  3. Sometimes it means actual rest, because we are so physically and mentally tired that we need a day of rest to feel rejuvenated. Maybe a Netflix binge? Maybe. But rest for sure. I did that on one of my days off. Watched a lot of Sherlock Holmes and really got some rest in after this recent pain flare.
  4. Sometimes self-care is doing things we know will make us feel better. Like if we have been very unmotivated, then doing a little bit of housework is going to make us feel productive. My mom has a 10-15 minute rule for housework not matter how she feels. Sure, she may do more on a good day, but every day she does 10-15 minutes no matter how she feels. I think that is great but sometimes I do lack the motivation for that on high pain days. So on days when I seem to be in a real slump this is something that is important to my self-care. But it can be things we know that will boost our mood. Or give us energy. Maybe exercise or other things we know from experience help us recover from a slump.
  5. Sometimes it is completely about pain and symptoms management or mental illness management: A day when we are doing all the things we know to do to manage our symptoms. I have been flaring so a lot of Epsom salt baths, a lot of Oska Pulse use. But on Self-care days I meditate. I bring out the ice for my head, rest in the dark, use my mint oil (after the ice treatment of course). I will do #3 as well because part of pain management on bad days is rest. For mental illness funks I will do things I know to boost mood, a lot of those are regular self-care things on this list anyway.

So I am in a funk from the flare of pain and it is making my mood low. So pain high, mood low. Pretty typical for me. So I need a day to engage in the things I know will help with this. And pain management control as well. So I think this Sunday we should all have a Self-care day in whatever way you need the self-care. In whatever way you even define self-care. In whatever way your body and mind need the self-care. Hell, I think Sundays should be self-care day! If you don’t work Sundays, otherwise pick a day you do not work and make it that day. Saturdays can be for engaging in socializations, which is also good for the mood and our mental well-being. And errands. And laundry. And all the other weekend things we have to do. But Sundays should be for recovery.

5 thoughts on “Self-care Sunday

  1. Spending the day painting rocks and cards, that’s my go-to self-care mood-enhancing activity and depending on whether I need calming down or lifting up I have chill-out music or loud rock I can sing along to at the top of my voice! Hope you have a good day, take care of yourself 💜

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  2. You can’t beat a #SelfCareSunday. I hope that your day of self-care has helped. I think your third point – have an actual rest – is often an option we forget about but I had a lovely afternoon of snuggling on the sofa with a blanket today and feeling much better for it!

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