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We are coming up on the end of Pain Month. And pain month it was indeed for those of us with chronic pain. But it is a month to spread awareness about chronic pain.


But here are somethings I feel like I can’t really explain:
  1. I can’t explain non-function intolerable pain to someone who has never experienced functional tolerable pain as an existence. Has had to deal with pain on a constant level on a daily basis. I can’t seem to explain the power of intolerable pain. The profound impact of it.
  2. I can’t seem to explain the profound relief I feel when high pain of the intolerable sort ends and I am back to ‘tolerable’ pain. Not like my levels of pain are joyful to experience daily but coming out of a bout of intolerable pain is such a profound relief. I can’t explain that.
  3. I wonder if I can fully explain how very fatiguing pain is. How draining tolerating pain every day really is. That constant physical drain. That constant mental distraction.
  4. From the amount of advice I get, I guess I cannot fully explain the number of things I do just to exist with pain on a daily basis. My actual pain management. Which is complex, certainly. But I guess I don’t explain that well from the number of people telling me I need to take Advil and have a nap.
  5. I also suppose when I tell people there is no cure, they cannot quite accept that. Surely there must be. If I just did the right things. Or stopped doing others. So I can’t explain that I have a level of acceptance that this pain is my existence and I have to live with it. Unless an actual cure wanders along, in which case, I am all for that.
  6. It is hard to explain that I am not actually miserable. That I laugh and joke and have a good time… while being in pain. To a certain point of course. And of course, naturally, pain does cause immense frustration, anger and mood issues. Not saying That doesn’t happen. Because that does happen. People get that. But they assume I am in no pain at all when I am in a good mood, which is odd because the pain doesn’t stop dependant on my mood.
  7. And I certainly can’t seem to express the fear I have over the instability pain causes in my life. It always has an impact and that impact is never good. But the instability is something I fear. What if that pain management I have now ceased to work? What then?
  8. And I never quite get across that it isn’t just that there is pain, it is the profound impact the pain has had on my life. From socializing to my non-existent career now. Pain impacts my entire existence.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Things I can’t explain about pain

  1. Hear, hear, all of the above 👌🏻 Spot on😕 I can’t explain to people that if they were experiencing my tolerable pain, they would be screaming their way to the hospital and overdosing on painkillers (I take none, they don’t work and give me horrible side-effects but people still tell me I should be taking them!)

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  2. There are just somethings people will never be able to fully understand and appreciate until they are in our situation. For example, even with a great support system it is hard to explain how isolating and lonely chronic pain can make you feel despite being surrounded with positivity and love.

    However, I do think that by writing about it, even getting across just a glimpse of what it is like is doing a great deal of good so bravo to you and all the bloggers out there.


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