temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD)

I have TMJ/TMD and have for long before I have had migraines. It is actually a common comorbid with fibromyalgia. Anyway, it makes you wonder if it makes the migraines worse or triggers them. Especially when the jaw pain begins to get worse. And then, well, you begin to wonder if you should seek specific treatment for your jaw pain.

Other than the symptoms I listed in the image other symptoms of TMD are: tooth pain, headaches, neck pain, dizziness, earaches, hearing issues, upper shoulder pain and tinnitus. These are all too common for me and lead me to believe I have waited a little too long for treatment.

Research now suggests that more severe TMD is comorbid with chronic migraines: “Our study shows that patients with chronic migraine, meaning attacks occurring on more than 15 days per month, are three times as likely to report more severe symptoms of TMD than patients with episodic migraine,” said Lidiane Florencio, a researcher from the University of São Paulo in Brazil. Sunday Express

For 75 per cent of sufferers, according to the University of Maryland, treatment for TMD provides relief, however other people can experience serious complications.These include long-term teeth clenching or grinding, injury, infection, or connective tissue disease.
According to the University of Maryland this may in rare cases lead to degenerative joint disease or arthritis.
Additionally, having arthritis in the first place can raise risk of TMD.
Having a steroid injection into the joint jaw can help reduce pain and swelling in the joint or the surrounding soft tissue, say the NHS.Sunday Express

It is something to consider with migraine treatment if you have TMD. Treatment could impact the migraines.

2 thoughts on “TMD and migraines

  1. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for neck and spine issues and it is so amazing how she cleared up my TMJ and all the other symptoms went away. The symptoms that you mentioned. The jaw pains used to give me such crazy headaches I would literally be crying as I walked into the clinic. It still comes on and off now especially if I chew to much on certain foods like a huge chewy bar of chocolate or something that makes me pull and chew too hard or long. You’ll be amazed at what chiropractors can do. They realign your body and that makes your body heal on it’s own with time. Migraine headaches and vertigo stem from TMJ and neck issues too. If my neck is out of alignment, my jaw hurts too nd vice-versa. Just sharing what helped me and a lot of other people I’ve recommended that have recovered. xoxo

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