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A lot of you know I use my Oska Pulse for fibromyalgia and chronic migraines and have seen a reduction in pain intensity, which had enabled me to function at work. It is a necessary tool in my toolbox. For those that do not know it is an external PEMF device used for pain and inflammation treatment. (More info on it here)


Oska Pulse  PROMO CODE: BRAIN for $55 off. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. Discount offer only applies on the full purchase not the payment plan

It is interesting to note it has completely resolved my neck pain. Due to chronic migraines I had neck pain 24/7, likely because I had migraines every day. Still do, mostly, but less intense by quite a bit. And a few days off here and there. Although I have my bad days, weather triggers mostly. Anyway, neck pain at the base of my head and back of the neck was constant and severe.

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Painkillers didn’t touch it, like my tramadol. Botox lessened it somewhat. And that was a relief. And botox with the Oska Pulse combined killed it entirely. It simply doesn’t hurt at all. I injured it during a chiropractor appointment and had to use the Oska more aggressively then with muscle relaxants, but after that recovered, back to no pain at all again. I still do my neck exercises, because, well, sort of paranoid the pain will spontaneously return. But it has been months now and nothing at all. I am beginning to wonder if I should use the Oska on my TMD pain. Couldn’t hurt for sure. And may very well be very beneficial for me.

Anyway, there was in fact a neck pain case study (Case Report: Management of Intractable Pain With Adjuvant Electromagnetic Energy:Jeffrey Niezgoda, MD1, Scott Hardin, MD2, Jocelyn Acompanado, PA-C3, Milwaukee, Wisconsin) done where the pain was as constant as mine, with a different cause, but the same treatment. Botox and a PEMF device which substantially lowered her pain. Before she had 9/10 pain and after 4/10. Mine though is more like 1/10 now, mild ache with migraine. And a reduction in her medication used for management down from painkillers to the PEMF and botox alone.

Abstract: 51 year old female with severe, constant pain, diffusely located in the region of her right mandible and neck. A root canal and spinal fusion were performed. The patient reported severe, persistent pain following both surgeries. Pharmacological interventions and physical therapy were attempted. Pain remained severe and constant for approximately two years. Botulinum toxin (BTX) injections were initiated, which provided some relief. When Provant pulsed electromagnetic energy was added, the need for BTX injections decreased, and the patient reported a noticeable decrease in pain intensity and an improvement in quality of life. Currently, the patient continues to use Provant regularly for pain management, which has allowed her to reduce the use of other interventions and avoid narcotic medications. These outcomes highlight the utility of a non-pharmacological, complementary therapy for closed, yet persistently painful, postoperative wounds.

All I can say is that I am extremely happy with the outcome. The neck pain seemed to be caused by the migraines, and trigger them as well, in some sort of vicious cycle I couldn’t break no matter what neck exercises I did.

If you are interested in trying the Oska Pulse remember that I have a PROMO CODE for $55 dollars off. It is BRAIN. They have a 30 money back guarantee. And 30 days is enough for it to work a little on some types of pain. Obviously not my neck pain which also needs botox. But my migraines started to improve after 90 days at the end, and FM was improving sooner than that within 2 months of regular use. Migraines were slowly because they are so very chronic and I have had them for such a long time they are pretty embedded.

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