Embrace the strong

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Sometimes I don’t like words. Like strong. Like I have any choice to cope with chronic pain. Because the alternative sucks.

But lately, I feel strong. So I feel like embracing the STRONG. Because damn it my coping strategies are working well and my pain is being managed. And that makes me feel good. There is pain. There is bad days. Just went through a stretch with bad weather and then this incident due to food poisoning that triggered a killer migraine (and let to an ER visit, which I loathe). But you can’t control the weather. Or apparently buying meat on sale and getting food poisoning. We can’t control everything. Even when we are coping well.

But overall pain has been rather good. In the 5-6 range really. Some days no migraine at all. Some days pain even a 4. So what I am doing is working. And makes me feel like coping is going quite well. And I feel stronger. I feel capable. I feel functional. I feel good about it.

I feel like I have this actual plan of action that is working for me. My tramadol, Botox, Topamax and Oska Pulse. And then other things like my FibroCane supplements, my meditation and exercises. All combined work for me lately. In their own ways, for different things. Pain, migraines or coping with them.

And I feel strong that I am coping so well now that I have found a combo that is doing something for me.

I feel strong that I am handling the pain that remains well via the strategies I have learned, I do think meditation helps a lot with that.

I feel strong that I have a level of acceptance for this pain being there and still trying to have a life.

And I say embrace the strong in your life. You are strong for coping with this pain. You can feel strong when you manage the pain on a bad day, or when it is good. You can feel strong when you are coping well. And feel you need to be strong when you are not coping well.

We depend on inner strength to get us through a lot when it comes to chronic illness and chronic pain. And I think we develop a great deal of inner strength as a result. As well as pain tolerance, but also inner strength. How else would we be able to function with pain that would make most people cry and go to the ER? We have inner strength far greater than we seem to realize. The strength to get out of bed with that pain. The strength to continue with the day with that pain. The strength to seek treatment, to do trial and error, to find it and still have pain you have to deal with, because there will always be pain. There strength to continue day by day with that pain.

So Embrace your Strong.

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