So I have done a three month trial of the ChronicAlly box, and have another three months coming. I did it as a treat for myself and a sort of self-care challenge.

Review of the ChronicAlly

Here is one post I wrote on one box I received. And I will likely post another in upcoming months.


This is a picture of two of the charms that came in my last box. That box included things like carry bag, coffee face scrub and a delicious lip scrub as well. But the charms, well, they were my favourite since I added them to a charm bracelet I got from my mom years ago (hers) and now it reminds me of her with charms of hers and mine now on it.

Another favourite of mine was the Pain Bar. Made from birch infused oil, menthol and peppermint. Used for pain. It smells wonderful and I use it mostly on my neck and shoulders.

What I love about the Chronically boxes is that they are a treat for me. Something just for me coming in the mail for my self-care. And a wonderful surprise each time. They are great quality products. All theme based each month. I anticipated getting each one. And each time it was such a great surprise. A gift for myself. Although I suppose someone could buy it for someone else I suppose. But it was a gift to me, just for me. To tell me that sometimes you just need to focus on yourself and take care of yourself.


They all come with cards like this based on the theme and on the back it explains each product you have received.

And another thing I like is that it is actually helping me focus on my self-care. I am focusing on talking care of myself in different ways. Using the sleep mask during my migraines and meditation. Things like that. And other things to pamper myself. Make me feel good about myself. Or relax in ways I don’t usually. And all that helps with my wellbeing because I am taking care of myself in different ways.

I have in the past had a problem with self-care and I think this really has helped me a lot in that sense. Helping me focus on just relaxing and pampering myself in different ways. To using the products in my self-care strategies.

So I think the ChronicaAlly boxes were well worth it. And I really look forward to the next three months worth of them that I have. Given the quality of the products they have in them, how they are put together and the products themselves I think they are well worth it. I have don’t know what the larger box has in them, but I imagine it would just be even better since I believe it comes with more products. I got the treat sized myself. I love the idea of these. The concept itself. And it is great. Getting this surprise in the mail for yourself every month. It boosted my mood every time.

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