You know you have chronic migraines…

When you are calm on the outside but screaming on the inside.


When light attacks you


When your mood begins to just plummet from the pain


When you say you’re ‘fine’ a lot, but damn you are not feeling fine at all.

I'm fine.gif

When you are really sick of faking being well in order to function.

giphy (1).gif

When you have a sort of ‘look’ when people recommend things to you you have heard for the 100th time.


When you try to find alternative ways to describe a migraine so people get it.

mind blown2.gif

When your feel really out of sorts and completely dumbified with the pain sometimes.

confused travolta.gif

And none of it is okay.

Not Okay

giphy (2)

And we all deserve a standing ovation for existing like this. Because we survived another day.


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