The other migraine symptoms that made my day

I'm not saying you're wearing too much perfume, but you are more perfume than a person..png

I had a brutal migraine day on Friday. Weather changes I assume. And everything was bothering me but in Particular my sense of smell was heightened beyond believe. It was like people were wearing perfume just to annoy me. It was overpowering. Wafting in like a cloud that assaulted my senses and at times rolled my stomach. I could smell everything though. What they ate recently. If they smoked. If they smoked pot, well, I think every smelled that. If they had a drink… that is a bad one. Sweat. One fellow smelled like dog.

This is sound. This is a representation of what causes pain to a migraineur with sound sensitivity called phonophobia.

And I also had sound snesivity. But in this case it was mixed with tintinus and deafness on the left side. So the left ear went out like a bad speaker, with just loud ringing in it. But I was very sensitive to noises. Expecially when my brain heard everyone talking at once and couldn’t seem to filter it out. It was just all so Loud.

But the worst by far was the aphasia. Which got worse when I got home. But the word issues I was having were weird and frustrating. It is like things get scrambled in the communication centers and words do not come out, so you have to find new words. Or words come out wrong. Anyway, it was annoying but by the time I got home I actually had problems reading. Words looked like, well, not words at all.

When you are trying to communicate but migraine aphasia is making it so ruff.

Not to mention the pain was a bad one. Lately my intensity levels are manageable. But not every migraine. Intense ones slip through. And this one was a brutal one. Still around today in fact, but I got the pain level down now. This one started Thursday night with an attack of violent nausea and throwing up. So I woke up with it on Friday and therefore the treatment I took, my triptan, failed. Just had to grin and bear it. But when people can migraine a headache, they really have no comprehension of the other symptoms that hit with this. I would have mentioned the intense photophobia but I was wearing my FL 41 specs which help immensely with that.

When that new treatment comes out next year I think I will be one of the happiest people alive along with every other chronic migraineur. If the results pan out in the real world. I’ll take my botox for now, but I am looking forward to a decrease in actual frequency.

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