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Having one of those ‘tired of the pain’ days. You know when you think how very endless this battle with chronic pain is. How very draining. There will always be days when you feel like it sucks that you have to work so hard to just function in the world. And envy people that can just move and exist with ease, without thinking about pain and fatigue. It sucks. It just plain sucks. And you think of all those things you do to just Maintain. And it is exhausting.

Generally, this means when I have a day off I need to just have a chill day. A day to read or Netflix binge and relax. Something to take my mind off things. And do some extra pampering of my self. Things that make me feel good. A nice hot bath playing some tunes. Then snuggle up with a good book. Feel good stuff. Mental and emotional recovery stuff.

Because when you feel this way, this sort of slump, you have to take care of your mental wellbeing. Give yourself a mood and mental boost somehow in whatever way works for you. If you exercise, that is a good one. If you meditate, that works. But I always recommend doing things that make you feel good as well. Reading, video games, coloring, knitting… whatever sort of hobby or activity that gives you pleasure to do to give with that downtime and sort of recovery time. Because it makes you feel good that you did something you enjoyed just because.

And when I am thinking like this I know I am worn out. And I need that time for myself. So it will be important I focus on that on my day off. And be gentle with myself until then. Get some good sleep. Get some meditation in at night. Make sure I am not too stressed. And you know on these days we can use a little self-compassion. We are not superhuman. We cannot get everything done on these bad days. We do have to be just a little gentle with ourselves and it is really important to remember that.

And once I have my recovery day, or two, I am back ready to fight the good fight once more. We just sometimes need a bit of a mental and mood-boosting day sometimes, when it slumps due to dealing with the pain day in and day out. But when we give ourselves that time we need, generally we are good to go. If Not, then we need more careful self-care and more careful pacing.

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