Been running on near empty a long time.

I always have a level of fatigue. But you add in a long work week, stress and lack of sleep and my fatigue levels have bottomed out.

It is generally a sign I am not pacing well. And if I keep pushing… FLARE. Another warning sign that suggests I need to take in easy on the weekend to manage my health.


I am lethargic and drained of every last drop of energy I could have. Not very motivated to do anything, aside from necessary things like work, because I am short on energy reserves. And as the day goes on I flag and wilt more. Not counting brainfog fun.

Past the point of my Rhodiola giving me a boost.

Definitely take a sudden increase in fatigue as that warning sign to slow down. Pace yourself and moderate. And get some rest. It is a clear sign from our bodies we need that rest and care and pushing through it will make it worse.

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