Mentrual migraines are brutal. They are less brutal for me now that my cycle is shorter than it used to be. I mean, 10 days was Excessive amounts of pain. 10 Days! What the what? I know, man, I know. But now it isn’t. So let the countdown begin. 5 (2 pre cycle days, of course, because hormonal migraines roll that way) days of migraines and we are on day 2.

3 days to go.

It isn’t all the bad compared to what I used to endure for sure.

Keep in mind menstrual migraines are not the usual sort of migraine. There are migraines and there are Massive migraines worthy of being memorialized in an Epic poem called the Day My Uterus and Brain Tried To Kill Me With Pain. The pain is always upper end pain. I would say a 9, because I never use a 10. So, yeah, 9. Definitely a high 9.

And continuous pain. No breaks allowed here. It is right at the first hint of PMS the migraine starts and then hits you like a punch to the gut up until the end, three days in. Or more. You can get ‘stuck’ in the migraine. But usually three days in for the average hormonal migraine. Not when my cycle was longer though. Then it was on average 9 days of migraine. Not sure why. They were excruciating. And they still are. Just shorter. So none stop funness.

AND you can’t treat them. Because for some damn reason they do not respond to triptans. Now here is the thing: there are two treatments I have heard about typically for hormonal migraines. a) take a trepan like Amerge throughout the cycle include the two days prior. And b) take an NSAID throughout the cycle including the 2 days prior. Neither of which is viable for me because I cannot take NSAIDs and I get bad side effects from triptans that make it so I cannot take them regularly let alone for two days in a row or more. Also you can try birth control. I cannot take estrogen based because I have migraine with aura which increases stroke risk. I did, however, try the depo shot which increased my vestibular migraines substantially. When I went off the depo… my cycle came back shorter, so that was a perk! But can’t take that again because of the severe vertigo issue. So you CAN treat them, but they are more complicated than just taking a triptan. And when you do just try a tripan by itself, one day, nada. Just nada. You have to apparently catch it Before, and keep taking it. I bet that is viable as well. Just not for me. I would recommend asking a doctor about both those options, however. I have even heard of both of them together. And that complication of treatment makes it so some of us, cannot treat them. So I have that massive trigger I cannot treat. Unfortunately. Given the severity of them.

That hormonal trigger is the worst of them all. Predictable, yes, but the worst. Most non-functional migraines I get. So I am thankful that my experiment with the depo shots decreased the amount of time I am in hormonal migraine hell. Best damn thing that happened to me. But the vertigo bout I got from that depo was severe and constant, so not cool. Gotta love weird random side effects. A side of severe vertigo but, hey, made my cycle shorter. Sort of a rain cloud with silver-lining that was.

And 3 days to go.

Or maybe I should look at it like 5 years to go? Until menopause. But that isn’t true, because even if I start the process, won’t finish then. Could be years of it. And in those years? Migraines are statistically worse. So not looking forward to that ride at all. So I will stick it out with these hormonal migraines from hell before I get to the hormonal Hell Ride. But then… after menopause, the outlook could be better. 50% shot of them being reduced. I’ll take that.



Post on info for treatment of menstrual migraines with aura

Study that shows we tend to get worse during peri-menopause. Boo!

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