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A Chronic Voice is hosting a Blog Link-up with these prompts of which you pick three:

  1. Discovering
  2. Rediscovering
  3. Anticipating
  4. Decluttering
  5. Cherishing



I am anticipating the holiday season. While that doesn’t officially begin until December some social events start in November. As well as buying gifts for me begins in November. I anticipate Christmas about the time there is snow on the ground, which there is. As of yesterday. The Holiday season can be a bit stressful so there are things to consider. (see Avoiding stress during the holidays with fibromyalgia) but it is one of my favourite times of year, despite it falling in my least favourite season.


planning forget

I recently cleaned out my closet to give clothes to charity. Basically a lot of the work clothes that are too big for me now and I simply do not wear. Hoping that I do not gain that weight back considering it was lost due to my illness. Either way, seemed no point to hold onto it. And I like doing that at least once a year. Going through things, weeding them out and decluttering a bit. Makes me feel good that I am not holding onto things I do not need and taking up space for the sake of taking up space. Next: The office. I already went through my filing and got rid of a lot of things I do not need to store. But I need to tidy it up and declutter my entire office area.


the world is your oyster (3)

I am discovering low pain days and coping with that. It is new to me and great to experience more low pain days than high pain days. Making it easier to cope and function. The Oska Pulse and the Botox are managing my pain most days and that is something that was Needed. I don’t know how I lived before that, if you called that living. So I am discovering a better quality of life. But still very moderate and paced. There still be pain in this brain and body and I have to be careful about it.



I am cherishing every migraine free day I get. It is such a welcome relief to just Have a migraine free day. Something I never had previously. Or not for over a decade. To have that is something I value immensely. And hope to make more frequent.




13 thoughts on “Blog linkup with A Chronic Voice

  1. Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for participating in the ‘November Linkup Party for People with Chronic Illnesses’! I am truly glad for you that you have been experiencing an upswing of good days. I’ve also been thinking about getting the Oska Pulse, but mostly the reviews are for fibromyalgia and migraines. I wonder if it’ll work as well for autoimmune and inflammatory type disorders. Not sure but it’s the #1 product that interests me for now 😉

    With the end of the year does come lots of decluttering and anticipating. Hope it all works out for better!

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    1. I would say you should try the Oska, it works wonders for me. But a lot of the research is actually on inflammation, so there is that. Lots of research on more than a few types of arthritis. Not really for autoimmune as far as I have been able to tell. Lots of types of pain, inflammation, healing even they have found in wounds, back pain, things like that. You can become an affiliate with them if it works for you as well. They give you a coupon code for your blog to offer people 55 dollars off, which is nice. Mine is BRAIN… because brainless blogger. lol I only affiliate with a few products I like and use. That one, is by far the one I love the most. Best migraine thing I have tried ever. I use it more on the head and neck area because that is more vital for my functionality. And then just other areas as they flare up.

      I just saw your linkup this time, so I thought it looked like fun! The good days lately have been so nice. Keep worrying it will go back to the way it was. Every bad day… I think what if this Stays that way? But so far, so good.

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      1. I totally know that feeling…at one point of time it was so bad I needed psychological help because I was ‘rocking the boat’ on the good weeks just to keep it ‘safe’ from going rock bottom. Chronic illness really fucks you up like that.

        Thanks for sharing more on the Oska Pulse! Yes mine is more of autoimmune inflammation, so I’m not sure if it’ll work as well. I did email them but no response so far. We’ll see!

        As for the linkup, I’m trying to host them on a monthly basis, so you can participate anytime at all. Would love to have you there. x

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  2. I loved reading your response because…GIFs!!! ❤️ You get a migraine-free day, we all get one! I’ve only been getting migraines recently but I’ll always remember my first migraine free day after weeks without relief, it was just sheer joy 😇

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