10 things to have in winter for Chronic Illness

Winter is here! And the weather sucks. And I am prepared, my friends. For the aches and pains and the fatigue.

And here are all the things you need for winter with chronic illness and chronic pain.

Really good winter wear:

For those of us with Allodynia or nerve damage, the icy winds outside can be brutal.  We need nice scarves. Toques. And good gloves. I have nerve damage in my hands and the cold is Brutal and painful for them. So Good gloves are vital for me to even clean the car off or drive. Allodynia, on the other hand, can afflict my scalp and be extremely sensitive to the icy wind so a toque is definitely in order (Americans say… what? Knitted cap?)

Good grips on shoes/boots:

We may not have the best balance. We may have vertigo or dizzy spells. And on ice… that isn’t nice. So good grips on the shoes/boots is important. You can even get things to strap to your shoes/boots for added traction, so that is something to consider.

Tea: Some good tea to warm us up and herbal teas for at night.

Peppermint or ginger teas for nausea. I have about 7 types of tea stocked in the winter. I am a tea lover though. A real tea lover. I get my loose tea from a place called David’s Tea; awesome place. They have delicious blends. I love their Forever Nuts because I can have it at night since it has no caffiene.

Epsom salt:

For those aches and pains, we do have, nice Epsom salt baths to ease it out. Hell, the bath is simply relaxing. One of my number one ways to relax, frankly. But it does ease the pain a little. You can have magnesium oil and add some of that to the bath as well if you want more magnesium. Or rub it on problem areas.

Heated blankets and blankets:

A heated blanket is a wonderful thing to have when you are sore and miserable and just cannot get warm.

Magic Bag or heating pad:

A Magic Bag is a bag that can be heated or frozen, so I love them. So that works for me. Another thing to use on those aches and pains from the winter season.

Things the chronic illness need in winter


Have a lot of sweaters, sweatshirts. Things you can layer up with, or down with especially if like me you have temperature control issues. Or feel cold all the time. I have about 3 sweatshirts with zippers that I layer up with at home. And some sweaters I wear to work. I am cold all the time, gets in the bones it seems and I can’t seem to warm up.

Things the chronic illness need in winter

Warm fuzzy socks:

If your feet are warm the rest of you is likely to catch up. Love warm fuzzy socks. I have about 6 pairs of them.

Things the chronic illness need in winter

A pet to snuggle:

Not because they are warm but because they do wonders for our mood. And just a buddy for when we are not feeling well.

Last but not least, topical pain rubs:

I have at least a dozen. I prefer menthol based ones. But I also like, for Fibromyalgia, capsaicin ones… burn just right. And my favorite for migraines is Japanese Mint Oil.

All that and we are ready for the winter weather with our chronic pain and chronic illness.

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